03 May 2019

Group motorhome tours: here is why you should hop aboard and set off with your friends

Group motorhome tours: here is why you should hop aboard and set off with your friends

You’ve already picked your destination, and your Fiat Ducato base motorhome is all set to accompany you on your next adventure as you roam around the world: so what is still missing? To make your new itinerary truly perfect, you need the right company...that’s why you should leave with a group of fellow wanderers on board your Ducato motorhome:


If you’re looking for a way to break the mould, travelling with your group of friends in a motorhome will help you make everything so much less predictable. The biggest fear among motorhome owners is that they’ll soon get bored on the road, but this won’t be an issue if there are quite a few of you. This way, every day will be full of surprises and unexpected stopovers with your travelling companions.

So don’t be too hasty in planning every day right down to the tiniest detail, leave a few hours free in your travel-planner!


Avoiding waste is possible, especially if you’ve decided to leave in a large group. You’ll be able to share most of the expenses and can use the part of the budget you save for extra excursions, last-minute tours and for enjoying your holiday, without a care in the world. And if adding up the costs is not your thing, you can always have the rest of the group help you out.

Each member could be assigned a small “task” and keep track of part of the expenses for your journey. Someone can keep a check on the motorway tolls, someone else can add up the costs of your daily stopovers, and someone else the extra expenses (don’t forget the souvenirs!).


Your adventure will begin long before you hop on board your Fiat Ducato base motorhome. Not quite sure yet? Leaving in a group means travelling with more luggage, but also with an extra allowance of inspiration, curiosity, lots more questions and a wide range of different points of view.

Don’t be too impatient to slam your foot down on the accelerator and set off to enjoy your trip without a care in the world: on the run-up to your departure date, capture your excitement with a photo. It will be fun to look back on all the moments you spent together, before, during and after the trip, reliving them with pleasure when it’s all over.


Your next trip will be an excellent chance for getting to know your friends better. OK, so you’ve already shared evenings out, trips away and weekends out of town with them, but living together in a motorhome will allow you to strengthen your relationships with your friends, bringing you even closer than before. In fact, living 24 hours a day with them on board your Fiat Ducato base motorhome will help you become familiar with every single detail of your travelling companions.
And a road trip will give every motorhome traveller the chance to get involved in the fun: in fact, it’s definitely the perfect opportunity for fearlessly showing off your true personality and taking up every small daily challenge, as you strive to keep the right balance within the team.


Setting off in a Fiat Ducato base motorhome truly means facing your trip with all the comforts a traveller could ever dream of. Not only will you have access to a real home on four wheels, but can also enjoy the ultimate relaxing driving experience and more space inside thanks to the length of the rear wheel track on the bases that ensures improved stability and more space inside for the living pod.
During your trip you’ll be able to sit back and relax, drinking in the scenery along your way with your eyes, accompanied by your special travelling companions who will certainly know how to make every day unforgettable.

And then, it’s a well-known fact: in every road trip, the more the merrier, and the bigger the group, the more enjoyable the memories you all take home with you are sure to be!

But the reasons for setting off in a motorhome with your group of friends don’t end here: find them out first-hand on board your Ducato motorhome....and off you go!

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