22 FEB 2021



Have you ever found yourself on the road, with no idea what or how to organise your dream meals? Let's think about some useful tips for eating on board your campervan on a Fiat Ducato base. Quick snack or romantic dinner? No problem, turn on... the cooker!

Organisation is the key

We campers are free spirits, so often we prefer to live our adventures without preparing in advance, instead savouring the freedom that only travelling aboard our Fiat Ducato-based motorhome can provide. When it comes to cooking on the road, however, you really need to organise things in the best possible way!
So, let’s get down to work: the first thing is to be sure you always have everything you need, available and ready to be used. The thing is, on-board kitchens are not famous for their spaciousness, and although they can be equipped with all comforts, they must be well organised.
Once you have everything ready to be used, you’ll be halfway through... but now is the time to try to plan things in order: if you want to cook a three-course meal, it will be better to start preparing the first dishes we plan to eat in advance, and maybe cook them too... so they’re ready to be reheated later! Most campervans will have only one or two, or maximum three, burners inside, which definitely complicates preparing several courses at the same time! In other words, a bit of adaptation may be necessary, but it will still be possible to cook your best dishes!

Right tools and basic rules

If you can’t judge a book by its cover, you can’t judge a chef by their kitchen, but still... having everything you need will help you to prepare every meal without problems!
As well as pots and pans, it will certainly be useful if you can use an oven, for example, or if you remember to pack that mini blender which you rarely use at home.
And don’t forget to bring detergents for cleaning, you’ll need them after preparing food, if you want to avoid the arrival of unwanted guests like small animals or insects. Indeed, always keeping the kitchen area clean is one of the most important rules... same as in restaurants!
Always opening a window during cooking is another important rule, thus enabling you not only to let out any condensation created, but also to make the environment safer and more functional thanks to air circulation, which will facilitate the operation of the stove.
The last point is obvious, but it’s also imperative: you must always have a working fire extinguisher nearby. Remember,you are using fire inside a passenger compartment, however spacious. Safety first!

Outdoor Cooking

Portable cookers, induction hobs or barbecue? You have an embarrassment of choice, especially during the summer!
Cooking outdoors, for example, can open up many different opportunities, making your holiday even more special. Whether it's a barbecue with friends, or with your family, there’s nothing more satisfying than taking advantage of your Fiat Ducato-based motorhome by dining outdoors.
Remember to place cookers or grills at a distance from your vehicle, to prevent fumes from entering the passenger compartment or – in case of prolonged use – to damage the bodywork due to the heat or to soot deposited by the smoke. You should also always have a fireproof cover available, to be placed above the outdoor eating area, in order to avoid long exposure to the sun or to save your carefully prepared dinner from a sudden shower!

Your short guide to the information needed to enjoy your next voyage with home-made cooking is concluded: we hope it has been useful and can improve your next adventure aboard your beloved Fiat Ducato-based campervan!