30 JUL 2021



Get on board the new Ducato 2021 and discover all the new features that will accompany you on your next adventures! With the new Multijet3 engines, any destination is within reach and always in total safety. All set? Off we go!

The 120 Multijet3: powerful and eco-friendly

The perfect engine in terms of weight and fuel efficiency, this is the right choice for anyone who wants a vehicle that is always ready for the next adventure. Thanks also to the new safety systems, this engine is ideal for anyone who loves relaxing journeys that never fail to amaze in terms of comfort and driving pleasure.

The 140 Multijet3: our best-selling engine

The ideal compromise between power and fuel consumption is achieved in the new 140 Multijet engine3 EURO 6D-Final! Thanks to the increased torque and new 9-speed automatic transmission, driving has never been more satisfying. Fancy a week in the mountains, with climbs, descents and bumpy roads? No problem: your Ducato-based motorhome will always be ready to excite, whether on a solo trip or a family excursion.

The 160 Multijet3: for those in search of something extra

The superior alternative to our best-selling 140 hp engine is the 160 Multijet3 EURO 6D-Final. With its excellent balance between weight, fuel consumption and emissions, plus the all-new 9-speed automatic transmission, this engine is the right choice for anyone who likes their road adventures with a sportier twist! From short weekend getaways to longer journeys of discovery to new horizons, vehicles equipped with the Ducato 160 Multijet3 will have no problem giving you an unprecedented travel experience.

The 180 Multijet Power: simply the best

This is our latest engine, as well as the most powerful! For demanding drivers who want a Ducato-based motorhome that guarantees a comfortable, enjoyable ride and an engine that can deliver total driving pleasure.
Like its lower-powered variants, this version is available with the new 9-speed automatic transmission and, with a maximum torque of 450 Nm in the version with automatic transmission (or 380 Nm for the manual version), fun is just a short ride away.

Fellow motorhome owners, we have come to the end of this short guide to the new range of Ducato engines for 2021. Keep following us and read the news on our website to find out all of this year’s big and small releases!