21 JUNE 2022



Ducato has kept its promise. It has turned a future vision into a pleasant, current reality: Level 2 Autonomous Driving is now available. As announced last year at the launch of the new model, Ducato is now offering a series of Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) which, when combined, make it possible to achieve the coveted goal of Level 2 Autonomous Driving. The first in the 'Large Van' category to reach this level, Ducato once again confirms the innovative drive that has distinguished it for over 40 years, demonstrating in no uncertain terms that it knows how to constantly evolve by incorporating technological advancesto offer the public ever greater safety and driving comfort. Level 2 Autonomous Driving is also available for the models intended for motorhomes, proof that it is precisely the world of motorhomes that has received Ducato's utmost attention over time.

Joint action for maximum safety

By Level 2 Autonomous Driving we mean the ability of the vehicle to intervene autonomously in certain situations, acting on the brakes, accelerator and steering to adapt to traffic conditions and the defined road lane, thus avoiding the danger of collisions and re-establishing the initial settings when possible.

Level 2 Autonomous Driving introduced by Ducato is achieved through the combined operation of three important ADAS: adaptive cruise control, Lane Centering and Traffic Jam Assist. The adaptive cruise control maintains the set speed: it brakes when a safe distance must be maintained from the vehicle in front and is reactivated later thanks to the Stop&Go function. The Lane Centering system, on the other hand, autonomously intervenes on the steering wheel to keep the vehicle in the centre of the lane by detecting the markings on the road surface.

Traffic Jam Assist acts in conjunction with the adaptive cruise control and lane centering system to allow the vehicle to travel autonomously, following the lane and the flow of traffic, braking, accelerating and steering when necessary without the driver having to intervene.

With the introduction of these new Level 2 Autonomous Driving systems, the list of ADAS offered by Ducato is now a long one, capable of satisfying those seeking maximum driving relaxation combined with maximum driving safety.

This article talks about the specific features and content that manufacturers can choose to adopt on their Ducato-based motorhomes, so you should check whether the model you are buying from your motorhome manufacturer includes this equipment. The trim levels and optionals for the models may also vary according to specific market or legal requirements.