12 Oct 2020

The campervan passion! Have you ever wondered how far you could go to make your motorhome totaly unique?

The campervan passion! Have you ever wondered how far you could go to make your motorhome totaly unique?

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done with your Fiat Ducato base campervan? A DIY modification? Mounted a 3D television? Covered the outside with stickers? Don’t worry: that’s nothing to compare with the radical imaginations some motorhome fans have displayed around the world. Fasten your seat belts and open your eyes!

Help! Here come the fire-fighters!

If you think you’ve seen it all, listen to this! One eccentric camper fan transformed an entire fire brigade vehicle into his unique personal motorhome. Developed on two floors, complete with balcony, chimney and wood-lined interior, this magnificent example of human ingenuity left us speechless.


Is it a limousine or a camper? It’s a limousinacampervan! That’s to say, someone decided to combine the two, creating the world's first "limousinacampervan"! Over 10 metres long, we’re sure it will satisfy every possible desire of these wonderfully crazy campers!

Boeing 727 RV

Did the limousinacampervan surprise you? What about a Boeing 727 converted into a motorhome? An aeroplane with wheels instead of wings? This thing is half as long as the original Boeing, has had its wings removed, but otherwise from the outside it looks exactly the same as the original... with the addition of rear view mirrors of course!

The runaway train!

What a collection! But wait for it... we can’t leave out the campertrain! Take an ancient locomotive, complete with chimney, add some nice big wheels… et voilà, here’s another pretty unique specimen!

The bike with a bathroom and bed

Ladies and gentlemen... to finish this parade of eccentric motorcamperhomes, let us introduce you to the RV motorbike roadshow! Now that the side-car is obsolete, why not combine a powerful motorcycle with the base of an RV and go on a motorbikehome vacation, with all the comforts of campervan travel? How come no one ever thought of that before?

You’ve just seen some of the craziest recreational vehicles in the world. Do you know any others? Tell us about them via our Facebook and Instagram social channels! But before we say ‘arrivederci’, let’s remind ourselves: however original and eccentric, modified one-off vehicles can never be as safe as those produced by industry experts. They’re bound to lack professional checks, safety tests, passenger protection technologies and all those vital features that make Fiat Ducato-based campervans the first choice for hundreds of thousands of families worldwide. Let’s all remember, especially in this challenging period, that our passwords must always be safety and reliability!

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