07 May 2021

Spring and summer in a motorhome: safe starred holidays with Fiat Professional

Spring and summer in a motorhome: safe starred holidays with Fiat Professional

As the summery season begins, all camping connoisseurs want to set out on the road to their next – ardently desired – destination!

This is why Fiat Professional offers solutions for all kinds of needs: whether you desire adventure or prefer to relax while sipping an aperitif by the sea: with Fiat Ducato-based campervans and motorhomes everyone can satisfy their own personal longing for freedom, in complete safety and with the comfort that only a real home can offer!
Here, in a protected environment, easy to sanitize and equipped with all comforts, a trip aboard vehicles on Fiat Ducato bases guarantees unforgettable experiences, alone or with our loved ones, respecting our health and that of those around us.

Fiat Professional transmits these concepts through its "Starred Holidays" campaign, with stunning images designed to be seen both digitally and in print... stories that express the unforgettable major and minor experiences linked with the key thrill for all motorhomers: the total personalisation of their journeys. One example above all? The freedom to immerse themselves in the purities of nature and to discover majestic panoramas from their windows. To choose paths impossible to take for granted.

In addition to its social media activities, Fiat Professional also continues to produce its newsletters: inexhaustible sources of travel itineraries, tips on do-it-yourself and trivia from the RV world, helping Fiat Ducato-based campervan owners from all over the world make the most of their motorhome.
Fiat Professional also aims to forge this bond with travellers through social channels, inviting them to interact with the brand, sharing images through the hashtag #FIATDUCATOCAMPER and exchanging ideas on how to further improve routes and experiences riding on a Ducato base.

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