28 MAY 2021



From the Albanian Alps to Tirana, from Lake Shkodra to a dip into the Blue Eye, Albania is a land of wonders, ready to amaze with its spectacular cities and timeless landscapes. Let’s go on an adventure together to discover this new destination and its culture and history. Ready to go? Albania, here we come!

Trekking in the Albanian Alps

The journey aboard our Ducato-based motorhome begins in the north of the country, in the Valbona Valley National Park, a real paradise for hikers (or even for those of us who love to immerse ourselves in nature)! From the characteristic village of Theth, we can take several paths, up to an altitude of 1800 metres, to take in a truly unique panorama!

The road to the capital

We jump back on board our four-wheeled friend and head south, driving for about 3 hours and 30 minutes, with no lack of thrills and spills! On the way, we will be passing nearby Lake Shkodra, on whose shores we find the city of Shkodër, surrounded by natural parks and points of historical interest such as the ancient Rozafa Castle, built by the Venetians. A few kilometres away, near the village of Shiroka, we see Shaqari, the smallest island in the country, connected to the mainland by a bridge, with just one evocative now-derelict building.
Now let's get back on the road in our Ducato-based motorhome and head for Tirana!

Tirana, a timeless city

The Albanian capital has something for everyone, plus that little bit more! We start from Skanderbeg Square, an area of the city that has seen multiple renovations as a result of the country's policies. Here we can see the statue of Skanderbeg (the national hero who fought against the Ottoman invasion), the city’s great mosque and the clock tower – built in 1822, it offers a panoramic view across the square from 35 metres up. Also nearby is the National History Museum, where images and memorabilia tell the country’s full history, from prehistoric times to the present day.
The cityscape – on which the country’s dictators have very much left their mark – also offers up unique and unexpected vistas, with large grey buildings flanked by more colourful edifices, as if to reflect the country’s rebirth.
To finish up our city break, we jump back on board our Ducato-based motorhome and head a few kilometres out of Tirana, to Mount Dajti. This is the starting point for a lengthy cable car; once at the top, we can admire the view of the whole capital or put our feet up amongst nature and breathtaking vistas.

A dip in the waters of the Blue Eye

The final destination on our brief itinerary around Albania, about four hours from Tirana, is one of the most fascinating UNESCO World Heritage Sites there is: welcome to the headwaters of the Blue Eye, one of the most frequently visited locations in Albania. Crystal-clear water awaits us, in its myriad shades of green, blue and turquoise, surrounded by lush nature that almost makes us feel like we’ve been catapulted into a fairy tale. It seems to us the perfect place to end our trip with a bit of well-deserved relaxation!

We hope you can add this itinerary to those you already have on your travel wishlist. See you for the next adventure aboard Ducato!