12 JUL 2019



The new season opens with various innovations to the Fiat Ducato-based Motorhome: in addition to the presentation of the 2019 Euro 6d-TEMP engine range, from 120 to 180 HP, be prepared to welcome the 9-speed automatic transmission... for perfect comfort while driving!

You can find it on the 140, 160 and 180 HP engines: the new latest generation hydraulic torque converter will guarantee a relaxed and enjoyable driving experience, thanks to optimised torque use, which avoids having to use the conventional clutch. Want to find out more, from closer up? Get on board, make yourself comfortable with us and get to know an exceptional "travel companion": our new fully automatic transmission!

This brand new gearbox increases the torque on the 160 and 180 versions (by up to 12.5% more) and weighs in at the top of the category. It is available in two modes: automatic and autostick.

In automatic mode, in the "drive" position, the control module - depending on speed, load and slope - will select and engage the gears.

In the event of steep slopes, difficult driving conditions or a need for frequent gear changes, the autostick will allow you to avoid overheating, maintaining a lower gear and improving performance. You can activate the autostick mode by moving the lever to the left: your instrument panel display will indicate the mode and the gear.

In auto mode you will also be assisted by the Kick Down device, which can maintain a low gear to exploit sharp accelerations to the full and during overtaking, to give more thrust.

Choose the driving mode that will help make your trip really comfortable: Normal (the system is always initially set to this mode), Power (ideal at full load and on steep slopes) or Eco (perfect for driving at “ cruise speed"). Driving comfort will also be guaranteed by on-board electronics: when switched on, the selected mode will be displayed on the instrument panel.

It’s so true that holidays start with driving: are you ready to begin yours along with Fiat Professional for Recreational Vehicles?