10 MAY 2022



The summer holidays are coming, with the prospect of open-air living but also... heatwaves! How can you avoid overheating while living in a motorhome? And once the hottest months have passed, all too soon it starts getting cold! How can you also enjoy motorhome holidays during winter? 

No problem, all motorhomes are prepared to cope easily with the four seasons, especially thanks to Ducato, which is the ideal base for building motorhomes of all kinds. A base that, year after year, has been fine-tuned to better meet the needs of motorhome constructors and users.

The Ducato cab has efficient air conditioning—either manual or automatic—with numerous vents that let in fresh air during summer journeys and provide comforting warmth in winter. The air flow can even be channelled to the rear of the cab as well. Let's not forget that a good air conditioning system is essential for driving safety, because by controlling humidity it ensures that the driver has perfect visibility. On the large central display you can clearly see climate control info: fan speed, temperature and flow direction.

As for the living pod built onto the Ducato base by motorhome constructors, several factors should be considered to understand how best to deal with the climate. A good starting point is thermal insulation: there are big differences between entry-level models and premium models, but every motorhome is built using insulating materials that are designed to prevent heat loss in winter and block solar radiation in summer. 

An increasing number of motorhomes have a double floor, which provides a heated cavity that increases comfort during the cold season. In any case, all motorhomes are equipped with a passenger compartment heating system for the winter, which operates independently from the engine, powered by gas or diesel, and can therefore be switched on while parked. Those who plan to enjoy frequent holidays in the snow can request an enhanced heating system or install an additional heater, which can even be retrofitted. For the summer, however, few motorhomes are equipped as standard with a powerful air conditioner for the living pod, mainly because many motorhome owners prefer to spend time outdoors rather than inside the vehicle. Air conditioning for the passenger compartment is an optional accessory that can also be retrofitted, generally on the roof, so there are solutions for everyone. It is certainly essential to ensure adequate ventilation of the passenger compartment. This is helped by the Ducato cab windows, which are electrically controlled, and by the living pod windows, located in the living and sleeping areas. Rooflights are also very useful and most motorhomes have between two and four, depending on the size of the vehicle. Large windows in the fairing above the cab, which are found on box van and semi-integrated motorhomes, are also increasingly popular. On request, an electric fan can be integrated into one of the rooflights. 

It might seem obvious, but how you position your motorhome can make all the difference: in summer, trees with lots of foliage provide shade and respite from the heat, while in winter, parking your motorhome in a sunny spot enables you to benefit from solar radiation. Ducato motorhomes offer lots of basic features that help you adapt to the climate in every season, all you need to do is take advantage of the technology available and adopt some simple and practical steps to ensure a comfortable climate on board.