06 DEC 2021



The Ducato motorhome base guarantees easy and safe manoeuvring.

Upgraded with a whole series of devices designed to assist the driver in various driving situations, the new Ducato 2021 is the ideal base for building motorhomes that are comfortable, safe and easy to manoeuvre, and which handle more like a car than ever before. Whether used as the base for a compact van conversion or a larger traditional motorhome, the new Ducato offers solutions that increase driving pleasure and safety at the same time. This is because the Ducato 2021 comes with numerous ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), including newly developed systems, which take the Ducato to the next level compared with the previous version. We are not just talking about sophisticated vehicle stabilisation systems for travelling at high speed, such as the updated ESC, but also equipment designed to facilitate manoeuvring at low speed and in confined spaces, as well as parking manoeuvres.

Digital Central Rearview Mirror

One particularly useful driving aid is the new reversing camera with display integrated into the interior rear-view mirror, in addition to the existing camera with dash-mounted display. When climbing aboard, first-time motorhome owners will immediately notice a big difference compared with normal vehicles, due to the absence of a central rear-view mirror at the top of the windshield, in front of the driver. The question that novice motorhome drivers are likely to ask themselves is: how can that be? How do you check what’s behind the vehicle when reversing? Of course, exterior wing mirrors are provided, but they do not provide visibility directly behind the vehicle. The solution to this lies in the extensive equipment offering of the new Ducato ADAS 2021 edition, specifically the Digital Central Rearview Mirror. When in reverse gear, the driver can calmly check the interior rear-view mirror, where images from the reversing camera installed at the rear of the vehicle are displayed. This high-resolution, 8.9” LCD digital display features button-controlled adjustable brightness and automatic dimming, and provides a perfect rear view while reversing. Easy and intuitive, it certainly comes in very handy!

360 Park Warning and Semi-Automatic Park Assist

Does the prospect of parking strike fear into your heart? Fear no longer with the 360 Park Warning, a system of sensors positioned in key points around the vehicle, specifically the front bumpers, rear bumpers and side mouldings. By means of visual and acoustic signals, the sensors warn the driver when the vehicle is approaching an obstacle, ensuring safe parking without the risk of hitting tall parked vehicles, as opposed to walls, posts or trees. If desired, it is also possible to experience the thrill of a semi-automatic parking manoeuvre (for parallel parking, or parking perpendicular to the road). Simply activating the corresponding command, the vehicle will automatically carry out the necessary manoeuvres to move into the parking space. The driver only needs to press the accelerator and brake pedals following the instructions provided by the device.

Rear Cross Path Detection

The Ducato MY 2021 not only helps with parking manoeuvres by sensing the proximity of stationary obstacles; additional sensors can also detect oncoming vehicles while reversing. This is all thanks to the RCD (Rear Cross Path Detection) system, which increases safety by preventing dangerous collisions during manoeuvres. Together with the reversing camera, RCD greatly helps the driver when side and rear visibility is poor: special signals warn of oncoming vehicles so that the driver can stop in time to avoid hitting them.

With its ADAS systems designed for manoeuvring, Ducato prevents stress and danger for the driver, because let’s not forget that road accidents don’t just happen when travelling at high speed or on congested roads, but also in seemingly straightforward situations such as reverse parking. The ADAS systems incorporated into the new Ducato are designed to solve these problems, making life easier for the driver.

This article talks about the specific features and content that manufacturers can choose to adopt on their Ducato-based motorhomes, so you should check whether the model you are buying from your dealer includes this equipment. The trim levels and optionals for the models may also vary according to specific market or legal requirements.