22 JAN 2024



Your Ducato-based motorhome is ready to face the cold and accompany you on wonderful holidays in the snow. Spending relaxing moments in a motorhome during winter has a special charm to it, because you are in direct contact with a spectacular and magical environment.

Holidays in a motorhome are always fun, even in the coldest months: all motorhomes are equipped with a heating system correlated to the dimensions of the living area. For prolonged stops, thermal sheets that cover the windows or the outside of the driver's cab can be useful, reducing heat loss. Whilst it is true that you should avoid opening doors and windows to limit heat loss, it is equally true that the living area needs to be adequately ventilated in order to prevent condensation build-up and replenish the oxygen used up by occupants and stove burners.

Motorhome holidays and adequate power storage

One aspect to take into consideration during winter holidays in a motorhome is electricity: the interior lights are on for long periods and the heating system is constantly drawing power. This generally doesn't tend to be a problem if you choose to stay at a campsite or rest stop equipped with 230 V hook-up points. When you are wild camping, however, you need a plentiful supply of available power. You can equip the vehicle with solar panels and a second leisure battery, or even better, one or two lithium batteries, which will considerably increase your energy autonomy.
In the cold season, your Ducato-based motorhome should be equipped with M+S (Mud and Snow) winter tyres or proper snow tyres, unless you fit snow chains. However, it is always useful to pack a shovel, so that you can clear snow from the wheels, as well as grip mats, which can get you out of many awkward situations. At low speeds and when moving off on low-traction surfaces, the Traction+ control that has been a standard feature on Ducato motorhomes for a number of years might prove effective.
Last but not least, it’s worth remembering that, when holidaying in a motorhome, especially during winter, parking in unshaded spots that are exposed to the sun for a large part of the day will help to warm up your vehicle and also get the most out of your rooftop solar panels, if installed. Winter holidays in a motorhome are an unforgettable experience: you certainly need to be suitably equipped, but your Ducato-based motorhome is ready to assist you in any situation.