19 FEB 2024



A motorhome holiday opens up new opportunities for discovery, a constant adventure to break away from the daily grind. Here are six good reasons to choose a motorhome holiday.

1. Freedom: the magic word, often associated with motorhome holidays. The freedom to set off and return when you want, but also the freedom to follow your nose and go wherever you fancy. A motorhome can be used for long holidays, short trips or just a weekend away, and you don’t necessarily have to plan the route beforehand: simply get up in the morning, start the engine and go. Just home from work on a Friday evening and feel like leaving a tiring week behind? Your motorhome is there waiting for you. Then at any point during your trip, you can tweak the itinerary, change the destination, and make your stay as long or short as you like.

2. Home at your fingertips: A motorhome offers all the comforts of home but is always ready and waiting for you, wherever you are. You can use the various on-board facilities along the way and at any point during your motorhome holiday, whenever you need them: beds, bathroom, kitchen, everything is always to hand.

3. Great outdoors and relaxation: A motorhome lets you rediscover the pleasures of the great outdoors, whether surrounded by nature or in the most enjoyable urban settings. A motorhome is a springboard for getting out and about and doing anything you like.

4. A motorhome is great for kids (and their parents too!). The little ones love its magic, with the pared-down space making a difference from what they're used to at home. Whenever and wherever you are, parents have everything they could need for their kids, a big plus if you have younger children. When holidaying in a motorhome, you’re never tied down to set lunch and dinner times, so you can plan the day around the kids. Even in the most unpredictable situations – and you can be sure they’ll find them! – a motorhome is your trusty companion.

5. Pets? Bring them along! Your four-legged friends are always welcome in your motorhome: you don’t have to leave them at home or find somewhere to put them up while you're away.

6. So much space: Most motorhomes have a generously sized and easily accessible load compartment, with plenty of space for all sorts of things, as well as the option to attach a bike or motorbike rack to the back.

A motorhome is freedom, adventure, a whole lifestyle, to be used and experienced in so many ways. A motorhome is anything you want it to be, to meet your needs and fulfil your dreams.