You recognise it straight away: the Ducato’s style is made for standing out on the road and the very best integration with the style of the living unit, because nothing is left to chance.



The compact front end, greatly reduced front overhang and minimal space taken up by the engine permit an excellent relationship between the length of the cab and the length of the vehicle. This means a wealth of space in the cab, great manoeuvrability, driving comfort and more space for the living unit, all to the benefit of interior comfort.


The Ducato’s headlights are intelligently positioned higher up, with two notable advantages: better light beam width on the road and reduced possibility of damage. The DRLs (Daytime Running Lights) come as standard. LED DRLs are available on request, and ensure +30% lighting performance vs halogen! The headlights are fitted on sliding guides which facilitate light bulb replacement operations.​


Fog lamps now includes cornering function to provide greater side visibility in the dark, automatically switching on when the vehicle turns at low speed.


​The design focuses not only on style, but also on functionality. The cab is designed to optimise safety and quality. The front end of the Ducato has been entirely redesigned to facilitate access to the engine compartment and maintenance operations and to improve engine cooling. The trim under the windscreen protects the engine compartment from the outside, helping the correct flow of water.​


The new front end comprises four components that can be removed individually, permitting rapid, cost-effective maintenance. Its shape ensures the utmost protection in the event of impact.

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