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From the most compact to the mightiest outfits. Starting from a single base: Ducato.

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Created from the experience of working for many years with the best European motorhome manufactures, Ducato is the perfect combination of chassis and living unit. A host of factory-fitted setups to facilitate conversion, a specific electrical system for greater reliability and a cab designed with reinforced pillars and pre-cut roof, to offer the utmost quality on all outfits.

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The specific Fiat Ducato Motorhome Base range is the widest and most comprehensive, with no fewer than 5 wheelbases, 6 different chassis lengths, various weights up to the new 4.4-tonne versions, three engines and more than 600 versions, making it possible to create the ideal solution for any type of living unit and motorhome layout.

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Specific new tyres also suitable for long stops and with low rolling resistance to reduce consumption. In the event of a puncture (depending on the version), the special Fix & Go system for motorhomes with high-power compressor easily brings the tyre back to the required pressure. With a spare wheel, the lift winch allows you to lower it effortlessly.

Ducato can now be equipped with new tyres adapted to every season: the so-called M+S* (with 3PMSF), available both in 15’’ and 16’’. These new tyres have been specifically developed for Recreational Vehicles.

They are suitable for every season (snow included) and are ideal in combination with Traction+; they offer strong grip even on slippery grounds.

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The increased rear track (1980 mm, category best-in-class, 190 mm more than the standard track) permits greater stability and offers greater width for the living cell.

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"Chassis Special" is the flagship Fiat Professional motorhome base. It is lower, enabling a more comfortable and stable driving experience, and it is lighter, increasing the payload available for better handling and more space for the living module.​

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MacPherson front suspension with independent wheels, standard front and rear anti-roll bars. Reinforced spring designed specifically for use on a motorhome. Depending on the type of model, Fiat Ducato vehicles offer rear axle suspension with parabolic leaf springs specific for motorhomes, lighter suspensions with the same performances or heavier ones on demand.

The composite material suspension offer the same performance level as those with a single blade, but they are lighter: 14 kilograms to load more games and sports equipment. They are specifically designed for “light” motorhomes. A specific higher front suspension is available on request for heavier motorhomes.