easy driving

You can concentrate on driving: thanks to the driving position, the robotised gearbox and all of the Ducato’s equipment, you’ll lower consumption and stress, not the pleasure of travel.



We’ve always aimed to provide the best front and side visibility in the category. Thanks to the extensive glazed surface area and optimal positioning of the pillars, you have a unrivalled field of vision, which enhances the sense of quality and harmony and improves comfort and safety. This way you’ll always have a privileged position on the road, in the world. Maximum rear visibility and ease of manoeuvring thanks to double-parabola door mirrors that incorporate the indicators.


It drives like a car, thanks to the seats and axially adjustable steering wheel. All the controls are intuitive and always within reach. The cab has been designed to ensure the maximum comfort.


Driving becomes a pleasure thanks to the extremely quiet cab, achieved through many technical interventions.



Ducato has an excellent turning circle to facilitate every type of manoeuvre.


​The Comfort-Matic gearbox is available on the 130 MultiJet, 150 MultiJet and 180 MultiJet engine versions. The two smaller displacement engines give their best thanks to a specific management control unit. Feistiness+comfort sums up Comfort-Matic. The Comfort-Matic is sharply distinguished from traditional automatic transmissions, maintaining the same 6-speed mechanism as the manual gearbox but offering unaltered performance. The electronic management of gear changes permits a reduction in consumption of up to 5%, together with greater efficiency and driving comfort.
In ʺAUTOʺ mode, driving is more relaxing and cost-effective than ever before.
The UP button is designed specifically for motorhomes: it optimises gearshifts on steep uphill and downhill gradients and when travelling with a full load.

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