easy driving

You can concentrate on driving: thanks to the driving position, the robotised gearbox and all of the Ducato’s equipment, you’ll lower consumption and stress, not the pleasure of travel.



We’ve always aimed to provide the best front and side visibility possible. Thanks to the extensive glazed surface area and optimal positioning of the pillars, Ducato has a broad field of vision. The driving position feels superior on the road. Maximum rear visibility and ease of manoeuvring is provided by double-parabola door mirrors that incorporate the indicators.​ Also, the driver’s seat is designed to adapt to various builds and positioning preferences thanks to the adjustable inclination in depth, height and backrest.


It drives like a car, thanks to the seats and axially adjustable steering wheel. All the controls are intuitive and always within reach. The cab has been designed to ensure the maximum comfort.


Driving becomes a pleasure thanks to the extremely quiet cab, achieved through many technical interventions.


Ducato 2021 has one of the smallest turning circle in its category, allowing to turn and complete complicated manoeuvres where other vehicles can’t.


up to 16% more torque versus manual transmission

One of the main innovations on Ducato range is the 9-speed automatic transmission. Available on 140, 160 and 180 HP engines, it is a latest-generation torque-converter system, which delivers an extremely relaxing, enjoyable driving experience. The 9 speeds enable optimal use of the torque available and the most comfortable ride. In "Automatic" mode, with the "Drive" setting, the control module selects and engages the gear in response to the different driving conditions: speed, load and gradient. The new Ducato offers higher torque available in the 160hp and 180hp, with optimal usage, reliability and long-lasting durability. In case of frequent gear changes and in particularly tough conditions (on hills, for example), the "Autostick" mode lets the driver stay in a lower gear, improving performances and preventing overheating. ​​​​​​​In autostick mode, the instrument panel display shows the mode and the gear.​​​​​

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