24 JAN 2023

Winter 2023, destination Saxony: aboard the Ducato-based motorhome to the eastern gate of Germany


Get to know the beautiful and lesser-known places in Saxony, the eastern gate of Germany, with options for camping and parking your Ducato motorhome.

One of the most beautiful places is the Saxon Switzerland National Park. This area offers a wealth of winter hiking trails through its natural beauty, such as rock formations and frozen rivers. Visitors can also go snowshoeing or ride a horse-drawn sleigh through breathtaking landscapes. There are convenient parking areas on the park's perimeter for cars and campers.

Another must-see in Saxony is Dresden. Known for its Baroque architecture, Dresden offers a wide variety of attractions, including the Zwinger Palace and Frauenkirche. During the winter, the city creates an ice rink on the Elbe River, providing an unforgettable skating experience. There are many RV parks in the town where you can park for the night.

Leipzig is the perfect place to spend a fun day outdoors with a wide range of activities for the whole family: Eiszauber is a small amusement park with inflatables and an ice rink.

With a convenient rest area in the heart of the city, Leipzig is a classic German city that is charming to walk around, with many churches and historical buildings that you may want to explore with more days available so as not to miss anything.

Bautzen could end your trip with a bang, with its historical heritage numbering over 1300 monuments. The medieval fortifications give a lot of personality to this city: Its seventeen towers, one of which leans, its walls and ramparts provide it with grace and elegance, especially if you admire them in the evening from the Friedensbrücke.

Since you must prepare your Ducato-based motorhome for the journey, we leave you with the usual recommendations.

Remember to top up your Ducato-based motorhome with antifreeze fluid during a winter trip! Here you can consult all the tips that can always come in handy.

‘Gute Reise’, get ready to be charmed and don’t forget to tag us in the fantastic photos with your Ducato-based motorhome around Saxony!