14 JUN 2023

The motorhome owner's faithful friend, the bicycle is an excellent ally for all trips


Motorhome and bicycle, a perfect duo. And June is perhaps the best month to talk about the bicycle, not only because the fine weather makes us excited about going cycling, but also because June is considered by many to be the month in which the bicycle, or at least its predecessors, were 'born' over 200 years ago.

The combination of motorhome and bicycle is an ideal match, offering advantages in various respects. Cycling is good for you and it allows you to visit the most diverse environments, from country paths to old town centres, from wooded areas to those with more of an urban feel. But the biggest advantage of the bike lies in its ability to go to places the motorhome can’t reach. The range of action is variable, the distance we can cover depends on the type of bike, our training and also the type of route.

How to transport a bicycle on a motorhome

There are various different ways to transport one or more bicycles on a motorhome, solutions that are suitable for campers and motorhomes, but also for VAN versions. The most traditional system is the bike rack, a metal structure usually attached to the back wall of the vehicle or, more rarely, attached to the tow bar. But most new-generation motorhomes are equipped with a generous rear loading compartment, located under the bed and accessible via one or two doors on the sides.

You can fit at least a couple of bicycles in these, and larger compartments may even have space for four or five. This is clearly an excellent solution: there are no protruding structures and the bikes are protected both from the weather and from theft.
This solution requires a rear bed that is rather high up from the floor, or a lift-up bed, where the height of the compartment underneath can be adjusted. In motorhomes with a low bed, however, transporting a couple of bicycles is not impossible: folding bikes, which are ultra-light and can be opened in a few moments, can also be used on public transport if necessary. Finally, it is useful to know that the increasing popularity of e-bikes has inspired motorhome manufacturers to make loading compartments equipped with an electric socket, so that the pedal-assisted bicycle is protected inside the motorhome while the battery is being charged.