10 DEC 2021



Let's discover the wonders of Northern France together! From the English Channel to Paris, we embark on a tour to discover the more or less hidden treasures of this magnificent country. Ready for another wonderful adventure? Fasten your seatbelts, allons-y!

The Opal Coast

Our journey begins right on the French shores of the Channel, with a landscape that will take everyone’s breath away!
Here, the coastline extends over 120 km of dunes, sand and cliffs. So, why not make the most of this opportunity to enjoy a lovely stroll along the endless beaches, amidst opaline colours (hence the name) and unique natural landscapes.
Thanks to your trusty Ducato-based motorhome, you can park up at a moment’s notice and admire the coast for as long as you like, stopping off at the delightful panoramic spots you come across along the way! A visit to Cap Blanc Nez is a must... add it to your list!

Arras and the Flemish influence

A 90-min drive inland towards the French heartland takes you to another mandatory destination on your tour.
Famous in the past—specifically in the Middle Ages—for its tapestries, Arras is a pretty town overlooked by many, but which offers all kinds of entertainment: enjoy long walks surrounded by distinctive, colourful buildings and visits to cultural and historical sites that bring the country’s past and present to life. Die-hard history buffs can even buy medieval period clothing that is still handmade using traditional techniques.
If you are intrigued by mysteries and secrets, on the other hand, make time to visit the Carrière Wellington underground museum, which occupies a section of the underground tunnels used by British soldiers during the First World War.
There you truly can immerse yourself in history!

Lille and its museums

An hour’s journey north aboard your Ducato-based motorhome takes you to Lille, a French city full of museums: no fewer than 48 of them, to be precise! One not to be missed is the Palais des Beaux Arts, considered one of France's most beautiful museums, and Le Tripostal which, besides being a museum, was created as a space for temporary exhibitions that are always interesting and well-conceived, from both an artistic and a cultural point of view.
On the outskirts of Lille, and throughout all of northern France, you can discover places with historical links to the Great War, including memorials and monuments to stir the curiosity and emotions of all motorhome travellers. It's time to get back on our Ducato-based motorhome and head for the last stopover!

Paris, an unmissable destination

The moment that most of us have been waiting for has arrived: Paris is our next destination!
The journey south from Lille takes just over three hours and en route you can pull up to visit such wonderful places as Saint-Quentin and the Forest of Compiègne. But of course, the real attraction has to be the French capital itself.
It would be impossible to list everything that this metropolis can offer, from museums and monuments to historically and culturally unique attractions. In fact, Paris can be regarded as one of the best cities for sightseeing not only in France, but throughout the world.

A word of advice: before arriving, browse tourist websites like Parisinfo and Sortiraparis, to give you an overview of all the natural and cultural points of interest so that you can plan your trip in advance. If you intend to visit museums, always check out the official websites first: many of them offer free admission on certain days of the month. Why not take advantage?

This short itinerary of discovery through France is at an end. We hope it has been useful for you to discover some new and unknown places. Or maybe it has brought back fond memories of a previous trip aboard your beloved Ducato-based motorhome.
Now we’re already raring to go on our next adventure! See you soon, motorhome owners!