28 Jul 2016



Discovering Italy’s most charming spas.

The beauty of a camper holiday? Being able to choose se a different destination for every season, going for something different from mass destinations. If the seaside is the main summer destination, we can opt for a ‘total relax’ formula, in touch with nature and cultural heritage: spas. Let’s discover the hottest spa destinations.

Spas are a priceless cultural heritage, when they are part of a set of specific local traditions. The ancient Romans, among the earliest and most eager spa users, forgot their celebrated severity and social differences to mingle together in the relaxing environment of the spa buildings.
To this day, sources, steam and mud, together with the pleasantness of massages, ensure healing effects and, furthermore, they offer a chance to focus on beauty and wellness in your holidays. Thanks to the enchanting landscapes usually surrounding spas, you can enjoy total relaxation and the mix of wellness, camper, camping and outdoor structures becomes a strategic asset.

Here are our recommendations for the best spa holidays in Italy, region by region:


Pré-Saint-Didier: an enchanted spot, chosen in the past by the Italian royal family for its rare beauty, as well as the beneficial, relaxing properties of its waters. Advanced services complement the century-old charm of the pools, from which you can admire the beauty of the mountains, for a near magical experience.
Accommodation: the Camping Du Parc Morgex (AO) offers a spa deal and a large number of places, including those for camper vans.


Terme di Merano (Bolzano) The Terme di Merano spas allow for customised holidays, in a setting of contemporary architecture that feels like a Wellness City. Mountain landscapes, winter sports and excursions, relax and wellness.
Accommodation: the Merano (BZ) camping site is only a 10-minute walk from the spas, it is located within the town and offers hospitality with fully serviced places for camper vans.


Terme Di Bormio (Sondrio) : in the heart of Bormio, in the Valtellina valley, this spa park boasts an incredible pool with a view on the Alps that , with its hot waters, is also accessible in the winter season. In addition to the intriguing hot/cold contrast, the area features a wealth of services, including of course the ski slopes.

Sirmione (Brescia) : the charm of lake Garda and of a city rich with history, and beautiful monuments such as the Scaligero Castle, meets pleasure in Aquaria, the Spa and Wellness centre in Sirmione. An unmissable destination for anyone who dreams of a full weekend of wellness and excursions.
Accommodation: the Camping Village San Francesco di Desenzano del Garda (BS) is the perfect starting point for a visit to the spa, thanks to the variety of places available, also lakeside, equipped with all camper services.


Abano Terme (Padova) : known since the 6th century B.C., this town lies at the foot of the Euganei hills and is one of the top spa destinations given the number of thermal-mineral sources it offers. Together with nearby Montegrotto Terme, it is a magnet of wellness lovers, who are able to combine the healing properties of the waters and muds with state of the art services.
Accommodation: the Sporting Center in Montegrotto Terme (PD) even boasts the title of “thermal camping” for the services it offers to campers and motorhomers, with 185 places over 90 Sq m each.


Chianciano Terme (Siena) : nestled between the Chiana and Orcia valleys, this is one of Tuscany’s prettiest spots and offers anything a tourist would wish for. With its special mix of history, flavours and scents, this are is one of the best loved destinations by travellers the world over, it offers a historical spa centre and a full immersion in nature and wellness, with gems such as the Sensory Spas, dedicated to naturopathy.
Accommodation: the Parco delle Piscine camping site in Sarteano (SI) is only a few minutes down the road from the spa centre, it has comfortable places to stay, advanced services, pleasant pools and a spectacular position in the middle of the woods next to the village.

Montecatini Terme (Pistoia) : the seducing charm of Tuscany powerfully emerges from the underground and transforms into the beneficial properties of the Regina, Tettuccio, Rinfresco and Leopoldina spa sources. Here, it is possible to relax and also enjoy a tour of the Valdinievole area, with its amazing locations, such as Pescia and Monsummano Terme.

Saturnia (Manciano - Grosseto) : sulphur waters form spectacular waterfalls that attract thousands of tourists every year. Enchanting places, set in the wild nature of the Maremma Nature Park, featuring the top spot of the Cascate del Mulino. Another good reason to visit is the wonderful food, as well as other typical Tuscan services.


Salsomaggiore Terme (Parma): in the middle of the hills of the Parma Appennines, Salsomaggiore offers spa water and mud containing sodium chloride, bromide, iodide. One of the top destinations in spa tourism, this area offers modern, charming structures and services, in a setting rich with interesting architecture.
Accommodation: Camping Arizona in Salsomaggiore Terme (PR) is a good location for those who want to visit Salsomaggiore Terme as well as travellers who prefer Tabiano Bagni. It has 250 grass places, all in the shade and serviced with electric points.


Fiuggi Terme or Fiuggi Fonte (Frosinone) : less than an hour car drive from Rome, the spas in Fiuggi are renowned for the beneficial properties of its waters. Fiuggi is also the ideal place for a romantic impromptu trip for those who want to visit the Capital city and are looking for a relaxing location. Green chestnut, oak and pine tree forests surround the Fonte Bonifacio VIII and Fonte Anticolana spa buildings.


Casamicciola Terme (Ischia, Napoli) : located in the North of the island of Ischia, this spa village is deeply rooted in ancient history and merges the beneficial properties of its waters with the timeless charm of its coastline, one of the best loved tourist spots in the world.

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