29 Mar 2018



The Story of Davide and Sara.

For two years they have been living together in their campervan, travelling and experimenting with a new lifestyle inspired by the goal of eliminating the superfluous.

The leitmotif of their adventures is a question and a challenge: “what happens if we take away instead of adding?”. Let’s find out about their philosophical and geographical travels.

Davide and Sara have been living in their mobile motorhome for two years now, and perhaps their style of life is the tangible consequence of a thought which many travellers consider: what are the really indispensable things to have? What happens if instead of adding objects to our luggage we begin to reduce them?

For Sara and Davide, their campervan is the vehicle/home that best reflects their human ideal: movement, change and openness.

After living together for years in a house, they understood that living in a campervan meant avoiding fixity, habit, enclosure and lack of freedom.

“Here – they say – you can’t isolate yourself, you don’t have a private space. If you need to have a moment on your own, you go out, then nature – and the people you meet – give you what you need. The perception of time also changes, for example: preparing a meal is more challenging, it takes longer and so becomes more important, a shared task.”

To return to the initial question, how do we choose what is indispensable and what is superfluous during motorhome journeys?

Sara confesses that it takes time to understand what is effectively necessary. She says that she has given away a lot of clothes and shoes. Now her entire wardrobe fits into one trunk, together with Davide’s clothes. She also says she has become “a real consumer”, meaning that she continues to use one pair of shoes until they are ‘consumed’ by wear. For cooking, she has found that one saucepan, one frying pan and a couple of utensils is enough, and that there’s no need to carry much food around:

some pasta, rice and eggs is fine, the rest can be bought when it’s needed. That leaves more space for books, skateboards, skates and games.

A campervan also offers lots of options for modifying its interior spaces, adapting them to the needs of their occupants. A single shared space with few barriers is a resource that stimulates creativity, they explain. Davide is an artist, painter and musician. Sara writes and paints. This lifestyle, they say, doesn’t follow any clearly beaten track. Everything is there to be discovered and remade: creative activity is their everyday life, made of gestures and choices.

Naturally, the freedom to travel to unexpected places at the whim of a moment is their greatest thrill. Davide remembers the emotion and joy of discovering remote areas of astonishing beauty, maybe at an altitude of 1,700 meters, at night, under the spell of an unbelievable landscape and star-filled sky.

After two years of travel, the couple continues its travelling adventures, where every kilometre brings a new marvel. Their moments of fulfilment, created thanks to their campervan home, are collected and recounted on their blog.

And you? Do you feel inspired by their motorhome adventures?​​

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