05 May 2016



You are what you carry on holidays!

What does our packing up for travelling say about our personality? What are the rules about selecting clothes and accessories from our wardrobe for our camper travels? Here is a short useful guide.

“I’ll take this one. And this one. I cannot leave this one at home!” This is how we always sound at the start of a holiday, whether a day, a weekend or a month long journey. In front of us there is a suitcase, an empty rucksack, a container to fill with the indispensable items. It may look like a simple object fit for transportation, but actually the luggage we carry says a lot about who we are.

After all, what is a suitcase or a piece of luggage?

It is the container we travel with. It becomes our extension, and everything we place inside has to do with our identity. Inside we find our symbolic dowry, a small safe of inner features that, in other forms (dresses, pants, shoes...), represent the way we plan to tackle the unknown within every journey. This is why we fear losing or misplacing our luggage. “Our suitcases are the mirror of how many images of us we want to carry” , states anthropologist F. La Cecla.

Mysteriously, however, the more we travel, the less we carry. Long term travellers, those who live away from home for months at a time, usually trust a minimal load, they know that movement requires agility and have learned to detach from the less useful objects, shifting their attention on emotions, looking for new points of view.
This applies to camper travelling as well, even though camper vans, by nature, are roomy and capacious. Travelling by camper means knowing you have everything you need, but not the unnecessary. A true motorhomer knows that any unnecessary item is a cost, in terms of space and fuel: a fully loaded camper is less comfortable to drive, especially on bumpy roads, uphill and on bends, and it consumes more fuel. It is advisable to step away from routine and ingrained habits.

If we leave on a camper holiday we cannot think about moving our home wardrobe into the camper, hence a sensible selection and a shared method become essential:

Lists are the first tip to have everything organised and under control: they help you keep an eye on the chosen garments, limiting the number of shoes and accessories, and realise soon if you are forgetting something. The ‘ideal list’ should take into account the weather, the type of holiday and its duration, in the first place, only later we can consider our personal taste. Prepare a list for each member of the crew, ensuring it has everything, from underwear to jacket.

Everything on the bed
Before packing your luggage, put everything on the bed and check against the list that everything is there. Don’t forget useful garments like sports clothes, T shirts, sweatshirts and comfortable jeans. It is advisable to have a wind proof jacket and a suitable change of clothes. Make a good selection of shoes, a pair of each type: sandals, closed-in shoes, flip-flops (can be beach shoes). Hooded waterproof ponchos are very useful, even essential in case of rain. They are a valid substitute for the best umbrella if it rains.

To fold or to roll?
There are divided school of thoughts between those who prefer not to fold, leaving clothes hanging, and those who roll. The second method will have everything in place but not folded, and the camper wardrobe will also gain space. T shirt and jumpers can easily be rolled, shirts - if really necessary - can be folded or hanged (they are going to crease anyway, maybe it is best to leave them home!)

Once you have selected your clothes, choose the toiletries for you and your crew, using different containers in which you place products by use: cosmetics, medicines, sun protection, soap, etc. This way, everything in the bathroom will be ready and well organised.

The most important rule
Each to their own luggage: let us defend our space and keep it “light”!
Travelling light means increasing self confidence, not simply because we go from A to B and happily return home, but because we will be able to face what comes between A and B, that blend of unforeseen and unforeseeable, thanks to our personal ability to organise and improvise with initiative and creativity. All qualities that characterise a good motorhomer.

How do you travel, on your camper?

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