25 Jan 2018



We all know that camper enthusiasts like to be out and about all year round, often on little-used roads and sometimes even very harsh terrains; after all, this is the best thing about travelling in freedom.
But to enable this, we need safety systems and technologies to protect us from potentially dangerous or critical situations. Tackling difficult, slippery terrain should not be a kind of luxury only a few can afford: on board Fiat Ducato Camper, the very best freedom of movement and agility are provided thanks to an invaluable technological ally: Traction+

Traction+ is the innovative traction control system that helps us to cope with slippery surfaces. This means that, when it becomes difficult to start off on terrain where grip is poor due to wet grass, mud, sand or even ice and snow, we can press the little button on the dashboard to activate Traction+ and transfer the torque to the wheel with the best grip. On vehicles with ESC, the system's control module detects skidding and applies the brakes, before transferring the drive torque to the wheel with the best grip on the ground.

This immediately makes starting easier and gets us out of otherwise almost impossible situations. Getting around becomes simpler and handling and directional stability are sharply better. Naturally, we must remember that the system can only be activated at low speeds, meaning less than 30 km/h.

Put Traction+ to the test on your next trip; you'll soon be swearing by it!​

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