30 Jan 2017

The technology of the Ducato Camper ensures safety, in every situation.


Ducato Camper is equipped with the most advanced technology to guarantee control on the road in every situation.

Driving comfort, excellent visibility and suitable engine versions are the number one safety feature. But when very special equipment such as Traction+, ESC, LDWS are added to them, they make life on board and on the road a serene experience.

To travel in complete serenity in a camper, first of all it is important to select a vehicle that offers the maximum in terms of reliability, safety, performance, on-board technology and comfort.
Fiat Ducato Camper guarantees all of this because it is an extremely versatile and reliable base. It has evolved over time and today is the market leader, working together with the best fitters. The Ducato base is an agile, easy-to-handle, technologically advanced vehicle whose safety factors have been studied down to the last detail and always given absolute priority.
Driving comfort, excellent visibility and suitable engine versions are the main factors that help reduce all possible risks. What is more, specific technological equipment make Fiat Ducato Camper a very safe vehicle: the braking system – of extremely high quality – is associated with ESC with Roll Over Mitigation and Hill Holder.
More simply put: the ESC (Electronic Stability Control) intervenes in emergency situations, monitors parameters such as lateral acceleration, speed, road grip and the steering wheel angle and, if necessary, intervenes on the braking system to restore conditions of stability for the camper, for example when making sudden movements to avoid an obstacle.
Roll Over Migration is activated in situations in which there is a greater risk of rolling over by reducing the side inclination of the camper when cornering on roads.
The Hill Holder is the device that keeps the vehicle braked when starting uphill, inhibiting rearward motion without using the handbrake. Plus, the automatic traction control, Traction +, helps control the camper also in conditions of poor grip, guaranteeing best driveability and directional stability possible.
What is more, on steep downhill gradients and if Traction+ is present, HDC (Hill Descent Control) can be used, which maintains the desired speed without having to constantly apply the brake. In this way you can focus on steering, without distractions.

The result of all of these technologies helps maintain a perfect grip on the road even when the weather or ground conditions are not excellent.
Of course, in addition to the stability factors, to effectively control safety the speed must be regulated, and for this reason the Cruise Control and the Speed Limiter are optimal allies for the driver: the first makes it possible to set the cruise speed, keeping it constant, and the second makes it possible to determine the maximum speed the vehicle can reach (the systems is deactivated of course in emergency situations).

If the driver is distracted and the camper involuntary departs from its lane, the Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) will intervene by informing the driver of the possible risk with an acoustic and visual signal.​

And when driving at night? Also in this case, Fiat Ducato Camper provides the driver with ad-hoc control technology: HBR (High Beam Recognition). This manages the automatic switching on and off of the main beam headlights, increasing the visibility and recognisability of vehicles on the opposite side of the road, and reducing the risk of dazzling when driving at night.

These are only some of the multiple active and passive safety systems present in the Fiat Ducato Camper. Because safety and serenity on board are not, and will never be, simple options.

For more information, discover: https://www.fiatcamper.com/en/product/safety

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