25 Jul 2017



The Fiat Ducato Camper record at the Sevel plant.

For over 35 years, Fiat Ducato Camper has been providing exclusive features and services to ensure peace of mind when travelling. In Europe, in the last 10 years, 500,000 families have chosen to travel on board of a motorhome with a Fiat Professional Ducato base: an undisputed leadership.
Today, 1 in 3 motorhomes has a Fiat Ducato base. Fiat Ducato was born in a very special place in Italy, in the province of Chieti, at the Sevel industrial site, which is also the largest production plant for light commercial vehicles in Europe. Automation and logistics are sophisticated here, and supported by huge databases, but the human touch remains significant, with 6300 employees working with their knowledgeable hands.
Employees at this plant are able to make over 260 variants of body frames. Even so, the huge robots do not go unnoticed. Some of them are as tall as a building, and they are used for the automatic door opening and for spraying the detailed areas. More than 700 robots work on bodywork and chassis production; at the plant they are affectionately named Hulk because of their size.
The sealing, a stage that occurs over a stretch of nearly 140 metres, is followed by well trained hands, as are all the checks and controls.

It has been calculated that it takes nearly 29 hours for the single components to become a Fiat Ducato Camper. Vehicles, however, do not stay at the Sevel plant for long: every day, 8 cargo trains and 200 lorries are ready to take them to their destinations, that is, to passionate motorhome owners who cannot wait to test their new Fiat Ducato Camper with a new journey.

Thank you, then, for these 500,000 happy moments, travelling together.

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