30 Aug 2018



Travelling by motorhome brings us into contact with nature more directly and frequently, promoting a greater sense of wellbeing. It’s also an invitation to stay active and on the move, practice sports and relax; in other words, everything that relieves stress and tension.

The motorhome can transport all our favourite hobby and sports equipment, including bicycles, surfboards, skis, wetsuits and diving gear. Wherever we travel, there is plenty of room for even the bulkiest equipment. It’s the perfect mode of transport for sportspeople and hobbyists, from skiers to fishermen and photographers... because it offers all the freedom you could want.

Bicycles are perhaps the most popular secondary means of transport used by motorhome owners. They are useful not only for keeping fit, but also for exploring the local area, whether urban or natural.

Freedom of movement, nature and eco-friendly excitement. Two apparently distant worlds come together in just three words: bicycle and motorhome. However different they are, they form a perfect symbiotic relationship, creating holidays that are experiential and active, rather than just visits.

Open-air tourism is about experimenting with new routes, immersing ourselves in nature and deepening our knowledge about the less obvious and more authentic geographical and cultural characteristics of a location. So, wherever your motorhome stops, start pedalling.

Remember that you can easily install a bike rack on the rear of your motorhome. Just be sure to attach the bikes correctly and check they are tightly secured, then display the correct warning sign for projecting loads.

Motorhomes are also an excellent solution for transporting diving gear, which is one the bulkiest and most awkward types of equipment to transport, due to the air (nitrox or trimix) cylinders. Remember that the cylinders must be loaded inside the vehicle, fixed and tied securely, preferably in a vertical position. If lying flat, they must be perpendicular to the direction of travel. They must always be equipped with a valve cap and be unloaded immediately after parking at your final destination.

A motorhome also acts as a comfortable changing room and a safe refreshment area, before and after every sporting activity.

Enjoying sports and free time to the max has never been easier. And in your Ducato-based motorhome, it's even more fun!

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