09 Mar 2017



The indispensable space-saving devices for campers and the outdoors.

Inflatable, foldable, compactable and space-saving devices help make our camper and outdoor life more comfortable, without giving up anything. Here is an overview of things we should never do without in our camper.


Chairs, tables, beach beds.... Since the very beginning, the world of outdoor holidays has been about accessories that can be quickly assembled and easily transported in the limited space afforded by campers and backpacks. Here come the hinges, inflatables, zippers and elastic materials that can collapse or fold over when not in use, or the light yet resistant inflatable products.

Archetypal foldable accessory and ultimate companion of every outdoor fan, the Swiss knife joins several useful tools for an outdoor holiday and for everyday life in little space. They come in various shapes and features, often becoming collectables in their own right.
Other unmissable fold-up accessories for outdoor life are chairs and tables of any shape and material. Some even have roll-up tops. Their key feature is how compact they can be, once folded.  An interesting addition is that of kitchen cupboards with integrated smokescreen, which can be set up with one simple action and require no assembling. They can be easily closed and folded after use.
Bicycles are another unmissable item on board of a camper, especially good for exploring special places. If your storage space is limited but you would still like an agile means of transport during stays, you can opt for one of those light, foldable bikes, for up to  70% less bulk and a total weight of 14 to 15 kilos.  

Collapsible and telescopic
Among the collapsible devices to keep in your camper, table and kitchen complements should rank high: containers and other food-handling items, glasses, bowls, cutlery and even funnels and pasta drainers. These items are easy to transport and take up hardly any room in the small space that makes a camper kitchen.
There are also special battery-operated lamps that can open and fold over, thus providing varying levels of light; they can also feature a USB port for phone chargers.
Telescopic stools are extremely practical and versatile: for picnics or sport events, or even nature photography. These stools are compact and light, they may weigh as little as 400 gr. and take loads up to 100 kg. They are made of an aluminium pipe and a foldable seat, ready to use in an instant.

Among the most useful inflatable object to carry in a camper are pneumatic poles, which significantly increase lightness and foldability of a camping tent.  But the ideal sporting complement to a camper is the inflatable canoe, stored on board and quickly ready to use.
Pneumatic canoes and kayaks are robust and agile products that are increasingly popular, thanks to their lightweight yet solid performance materials that do not require long inflating sessions. Ideal for exploring calm lakes and rivers, they can take one or two people and are a very accessible luxury.

Choosing ‘smart’ objects that are easy to carry, like the ones described above, add quality to life on board a camper van and to outdoor holidays. Consider these solutions for comfortable journeys with no sacrifices.

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