05 Nov 2018

Preventive Preparations

Preventive Preparations

Preventive Preparations. 

Which replacement items should you bring with you when starting a motorhome holiday lasting quite a few days?
Here is a handy list of things that are useful to have with you, as substitute accessories in the living pod, in the event of unexpected problems.

However thorough your maintenance and checks, the risk of faults and malfunctions should be taken into account when departing in a recreational vehicle for a holiday, especially a long-lasting one. Remember, it’s not always easy, during the journey, to replace faulty or broken items, so it’s a good idea to have replacements for certain key elements ready to hand. We obviously can’t bring a warehouse in tow, but certain indispensable items should never be missing on board a recreational vehicle.Here's what a hypothetical kit should include to make quick and easy replacements: 

Spare headlight bulbs 

One ‘mandatory’ requirement is to bring a small set of bulbs suitable for the headlights of your vehicle... both for safety purposes and to avoid fines if an exterior lamp burns out! Also recommended, have a few spare bulbs for the various types of indoor illumination. 

Gas supply 

You should evaluate whether to bring a pressure regulator and a rubber tube. It would also be useful to have a set of spare gaskets, as well as fittings for gas cylinders in foreign countries. 


A tube of polyurethane sealant is always very useful, excellent for your motorhome’s windows. A roll of butyl sealant, on the other hand, is suitable for more critical points, such as for sealing roof/wall joints or the skylights on the roof. 

Hinges and locks

they may be small but they can be indispensable, for cupboard doors, outer doors and various items. While the main doors of the living area are sturdy and rarely suffer breakages, those of the furniture are more delicate and can easily but inconveniently develop faults. It may therefore be worthwhile to have some spare hinges and locks. 

Naturally, in more difficult and complex situations, a Fiat Professional-based Motorhome will always be able to receive assistance from a network of capillary services for taking care of the vehicle: the Call Centre for the Roadside Assistance service has been designed to offer maximum support, in any situation or location. 

Travel in complete safety, in a Motorhome on a Fiat Professional for Recreational Vehicles base!

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