28 Jun 2017


Discover which Fiat Ducato Camper base you have!

Discover which Fiat Ducato Camper base you have!

Did you know that 3 out of 4 motorhomes in Europe are built over a Fiat Ducato mechanical base, and a different motorhome is created from each version of the base?
Camper Vans, coachbuilts, low profile, A-class motorhomes... are built over different mechanical bases - panel van, chassis cab and crew cab versions - all carefully manufactured by Fiat Professional, also thanks to the tried and tested collaboration with Europe’s most appreciated camper makers, to become YOUR motorhome!

Fiat Ducato base camper is born out of the tried and tested collaboration with Europe’s most appreciated motorhome makers, and is the choice of most European customers.

The base perfectly combines living cab and chassis, and is able to offer the highest quality in the industry from all perspectives: cut cabin roof strengthened with structural support, rotating front seats that become part of the sitting room, specific chassis for camping cars with reduced weight, high rigidity and optimal connection to the cab and the tanks, wider rear axle for greater inside space and greater stability.

Fiat Professional produces 3 different Ducato Camper bases (or chassis):
1.   Van
2.   Chassis Cowl
3.   Chassis Cab

Starting from these, motorhome producers make the following versions:
1.   Camper Van
2.   Motorhome
3.   Coachbuilts and Low Profile

Here is more detail on the relations between each chassis and the type of camper of which it will be the base.

The CAMPERVAN is built on the mechanic Fiat Ducato Van base. 
The Ducato Camper Van base has winning traits for motorhomers. The best in its class for the ratio between overall vehicle length and rear area.

The COACHBUILT (or Low Profile) has a compact and aerodynamic shape.
The low profile’s living cab is mounted on a chassis cab.

The COACHBUILT model with an overcab bed, just like the low profile, has the living cab installed on a chassis cab. The living cab is separate from the driving unit and the overcab is usually a double bed over the driving cab.

The MOTORHOME, however, has a single body for the living and driving cabs and is built over a chassis cowl. This is the most sought-after solution for the larger motorhomes, and also the one that shows its base the least, since the entire structure is built anew, using only the motor part (chassis cowl).

Which Ducato base camper is your favourite? 

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