09 Aug 2018



A little word with a big meaning.
It is not the name of a new political party nor a texting abbreviation. And it is not a computer key.
It is name of the one of the most important driving safety technologies and it is standard on Fiat Professional for Recreational Vehicles base. Let's find out more.

ESC is the code commonly used to define Electronic Stability Control, one of the most important ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), which is fundamental for safety.

This control system can intervene in case of emergency, such as sharp manoeuvres to avoid an unexpected obstacle or sudden changes of lane which cause swerving. The system monitors a number of parameters, such as side acceleration, speed, ground grip and steering wheel angle. It processes the data and, if necessary, adjusts engine torque and braking system to make the motorhome perfectly stable again.
ESC is standard on Fiat Professional for Recreational Vehicles base and includes LAC (Load Adaptive Control) which identifies vehicle load conditions while travelling and interfaces with the ESC to adapt cut-in threshold, ASR (AntiSlip Regulation) which secures wheel grip when starting off, MSR (Motor Schleppmoment Regelung) which prevents loss of grip when shifting down sharply, HBA (Hydraulic Brake Assistance) which increases brake force in case of emergency, Roll Over Mitigation which reduces side inclination of the motorhome with respect to the road, also on bends and in situations in which the risk for stability is higher, Hill Holder which brakes the vehicle when starting uphill to prevent it from backing.

This technology promotes the stability of the motorhome and is essential for safe journeys. For control, guaranteed even in the most extreme situations.

Carefree travels courtesy of Fiat Professional for Recreational Vehicles base.​

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