25 Mar 2016



An increasing number of nature lovers decide to travel long journeys with a camper van, the ideal way to explore places not reached by tourism, in complete freedom. An opportunity for personal growth that becomes a lifestyle, using the web and social networks to share those special experiences. Here are some of the people who embraced this small great revolution.

There is a trend, which started and developed mainly in Australia, that is now increasingly seducing and spreading everywhere, with young people, families or even not-so-young individuals who decide to suspend their normal routine - whether work or traditional family life - in order to choose a totally different way of life.

Some sell their homes, others use a sabbatical from work, others actually work as they travel (for example bloggers, reporters, photographers, artists, etc.) and thus, for work or for fun, they find themselves spending a year or more in a camper van. There are the ones who exploit this opportunity to save on the expense of managing a home, but what really drives them to the plein air option is the desire to live more intensely, explore new areas, outside the typical holiday or weekend retreat, and feel more in touch with the social and natural environment that they have chosen to visit.

Curiosity is the one unmissable ingredient, together with a certain adaptability.
Everyone can meet the challenge, even an entire family of four, for example, with two school age girls. This is what the English Meek family did: on their itinerant two-year project, they left aboard their camper van to explore the whole of Europe. In his blog, father Tim Meek enthusiastically writes about the daily routine of the adventure he started in 2014: “Leaving my teacher’s job together with my wife, who is also a teacher, selling our home and living in a camper van travelling with our 10 and 12 years old daughters was exciting, we finally felt alive. Our journey has been varied and random, partially guided by learning objectives for the girls, who continue their studies with us”.

Over 144 thousand kilometres, an average expenditure of seven Euros per day: these are the numbers of Karol Lewandowski and Aleksandra Slusarczyk, two 27 years old bloggers from Poland, who six years ago embarked on an adventure that brought them to 50 different countries, from Europe to the United States, moving across five continents aboard their camper van. This is where they cook, sleep, make the photographic and written reports that they later publish on the main social networks, telling their many followers about their unique on the road experience in real time.

There are also those who travel solo, like the “Vandog Traveller” blogger, who bought a camper van after quitting work, and fully personalised it, transforming it into a perfect travelling home. Since then, he has been moving everywhere, reporting his discoveries and publishing tutorial videos on anything that may be needed when travelling by camper, or on how to custom change your vehicle according to your travelling needs. He also wrote a full e-book.

There are many other examples that we could mention, all sharing the free, modular, flexible and adaptable camper van lifestyle. A special vehicle that changes our opinion on the very concept of holiday, travelling and even on that journey that we call our everyday life.
Quoting Proust: “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.". How could anyone disagree?





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