23 Jun 2016



It’s time to celebrate.
Find out who has won the great Win “MotoCross & Camper” competition, and with it the chance to attend the Motocross World Championship. A prize worth a weekend of pure sporting thrills, spectating a stage of the Motocross World Championship live.

The Win “MotoCross & Camper” contest comes to an end. This photographic competition organised by Fiat Ducato Camper has been a huge success, and has enabled its winners to watch live Motocross World Championship racing:
their prize a whole weekend of passion and sporting excitement.
Fiat Professional - for the entire 2016 season - will be present at the FIM Motocross World Championship (MxGP) in its role as Official Partner. A season of passion, with 18 stages spread across Europe, United States, Qatar, Argentina and Mexico.
Determination and dynamism are common factors of the world of sport and the world of Fiat Professional, and the same values are shared by the winners of this competition.

Here are the people who won the thrill of following a whole stage of the Motocross Championship on board a Fiat Ducato Camper.
Certainly an unforgettable weekend!

1. Alan Mansfield
2. Ben Hersee

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