18 Jul 2018



A record made in Italy

Made in the Sevel Plant in Atessa, Val di Sangro, Italy - the largest light commercial vehicle plant in Europe - Ducato presents unique quality in terms of comfort, engines, transmissions and safety and was projected to be ready for motorhome conversion.

Since 1981, six generations of Ducato have rolled off the lines of the plant onto the roads of Europe for the satisfaction of hundreds of thousands of users, merit of its many body variants, the square and regular shape of its loading compartment, its efficient chassis and its car-like driving.

 The Academy

The Sevel plant is one of the most complex in the world in terms of level of specialisation, organisation and implemented work methods. Furthermore, it has earned a Silver medal in the World Class Manufacturing programme which involves over 160 FCA plants in addition to suppliers and multinationals. The Silver medal certifies that high efficiency, organisation, involvement and quality standards are implemented. The plant is also home to the Academy, the Sevel centre of excellence where resources are trained and Team Leaders are continually updated. Here it is also possible to learn about future technologies connecting our business in different areas as quality, ergonomy, complexity, workpace.


Ducato, the "Best Motorhome Base"

The particularity of the plant is in its being able to make vehicles "tailor made" for each customer needs. One could even say that there is a specific Ducato for everyone. The combination of bodies, engines, transmissions and liveries means that over 13,000 different versions are offered.

So, this year, for the eleventh time, Ducato was chosen by the readers of the prestigious German magazine Promobil as "Best Motorhome Base", thus reasserting its leadership in the motorhome sector.


The Fiat Professional best-seller has been leading the sector for six generations. Today, three motorhomes out of four sold in Europe are Ducato-based, and in the last ten years more than 500.000 families enjoy their holidays on a Ducato based Motorhome.


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