31 Oct 2016

The new Multijet2 Euro 6 LPEGR engines: top in class!

The new Multijet2 Euro 6 engines: top in class!

Fiat Ducato was designed from the start jointly with the major European motorhome manufacturers to be the best base for your motorhome!

This principle is the foundation for all model developments and the same applies to the new engine line-up chosen by Fiat Professional to comply with Euro 6 standards and offer the best technology for motorhome missions.

The new Multijet2 Euro 6 engines implement state-of-the-art technology, developed specifically for Fiat Professional to meet legal requirements and be ideal for Fiat Ducato motorhomes.

LPEGR: state-of-the-art technology!

For the new MultiJet2 Euro 6 engines of the motorhome bases, Fiat Professional has capitalised on its leading position to develop the solution most suited to all needs of motorhome customers by implementing one-of-kind technology. LPEGR (or Low Pressure Exhaust Gas Recirculation) intercepts the exhaust gases after the DPF and returns them to the combustion chamber via a low pressure circuit. It has two advantages: it abates NOx emissions by decreasing the combustion temperature and saves fuel by ensuring better efficiency of the turbine. LPEGR does not need an AdBlue® tank or top-ups.

LPEGR, the ideal choice for your motorhome.

Fiat has adopted a single approach aimed at identifying the best solutions and picked LPEGR. This technology respects the current Euro 6 standards and offers better advantages for motorhome bases compared to the SCR technology used in the past on Fiat Professional solutions dedicated to passenger transport: rational design and layout (there are no tanks or additional systems compared to E5+), no AdBlue refilling, which implies simpler maintenance as a consequence, and no increase of vehicle weight, meaning that there is more for people and motorhome furniture.

The right engine for all motorhomes!

The Fiat Professional “one mission-one engine” concept, according to which each engine implements a specific different technology created to respect different needs, is applied to motorhome bases as well.

According to the motorhome and its expected destination, customers can pick the model and the engine which is most suited to their needs placing the emphasis on performance and fuel efficiency.

The new Euro 6 engines in the Ducato line-up are all top in class in terms of fuel efficiency and deliver high torque at low rpms, which is an essential feature for motorhome drivers. The engines implement state-of-the-art Multijet2 technology to deliver from 115 to 180 HP: the line-up is designed to satisfy the needs of the most diverse customers.

More in detail, the 2-litre Multijet2 115 delivers 290 Nm of torque and fuel consumption is reduced by 6% compared the previous Euro 5+ version (25% less than Euro 4). It is available today with a new six-speed manual gearbox.

The new engine is the perfect answer for camper vans and for customers seeking fuel efficiency. The 2.3-litre 2 Multijet2 130 engine is the best-seller: it is easy to drive in all conditions with a maximum torque of 320 Nm available already at 1800 rpm. It is perfect for medium-size motorhomes and the ideal solution for mixed use offering quick pick-up and brilliant acceleration. Compared to the previous version, fuel consumption is decreased by 3 per cent (20% less than Euro 4).

Improvements on the 2.3-litre Multijet2 150 have increased the peak torque by 30 Nm. It now totals 380 Nm available already at 1500 rpm. This engine is ideal for long and tough routes without penalising fuel efficiency. Once again, fuel consumption is reduced by 3% compared to the previous Euro 5+ version (29% less than Euro 4).

Finally, there is the powerful 2.3-litre Multijet2 180 which delivers the same torque and power – 177 HP and 400 Nm – as the earlier 3-litre engine but consumes nearly 20% less fuel (29% less than Euro 4) meaning that the payload can be increased by 40 kg. This outstanding result is also obtained by means of dedicated developments focused on improved turbocharger aerodynamics, a special steel crankshaft, reinforced pistons and a larger capacity fuel pump. It is ideal for large and heavy motorhomes and for users seeking the highest level of performance.

The 130, 150 and 180 Multijet2 engines are available with "Comfort Matic" robotised transmission. In addition to automatic and manual mode, "Comfort Matic" also implements "Up" mode created to offer the best performance in tough conditions and for who wants even more relaxed driving with an eye to fuel efficiency.

Note: fuel consumption data always refer to vans on mixed cycle


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