01 Mar 2018



Fiat Ducato camper is designed to offer on-board comfort in every journey. Its car-style driving position guarantees excellent visibility to both front and sides, the Captain Chair seats with integral head restraints are designed with camper specifications in mind, the steering wheel is height-adjustable and has a more comfortable angle, and the hydraulic power steering ensures only minimal effort is required at low speeds. The vehicle is one of the most agile in its class, facilitating manoeuvres of all kinds. All controls are intuitive and always to hand, and the cab is designed for unbeatable space and comfort. What's more the turning cycle, compact seats and front, and back-up camera, available on the Van versions, make it an extremely nimble vehicle.
In addition, the braking systems reduce noise levels and pedal effort and the many active and passive safety devices give complete peace of mind at the wheel. All this combined with absolutely quiet running, thanks to the high engine torque delivered at low rpm. Naturally, the ease of driving is thanks to a large extent to the Comfort-Matic transmission; unlike conventional automatic transmissions, it has the same 6-speed mechanics as the manual version and can deliver exactly the same performance. What's more, electronic gear shifting control delivers fuel savings of 5%, as well as greater efficiency.
The pleasure of travelling on board a Fiat Ducato Camper has to be experienced to be believed. What are you waiting for?​

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