06 Apr 2016

Camper: why and how to choose one

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Before buying a camper, it is important to ask the right questions and find the right answers to make our travels an unforgettable experience. The first question is a simple one: is the camper really the right choice for us and our travelling mates?
We will try to work together on making an informed choice to purchase the perfect camper.


The number, composition and age of those travelling with you is key for the right choice. Not all campers are born equal and there will be a type of camper that fits each crew.

For a young couple with no children the choice is wide: from the versatile camper van to the luxury motorhome, or the low-profile coachbuilt with more living space. You should carefully consider the possibility of having friends over, or welcoming the arrival of a baby without having to change camper. In any case, you should opt for compact vehicles with an efficient aerodynamic profile, in order to enjoy a nimble driving experience with low consumption.

For a mature couple, our best advice is to choose greater comfort in both sleeping and living areas. Carefully evaluate the comfort and space in the toilet area, especially, and choose a sleeping solution with few or no steps. Dynamic suspensions, shock-absorbing high seats, external visibility and easy driving can make even the longest camper journeys feel easy.

For a family of three or four people, the range of offers in the camper market is really wide. The right vehicle depends on your holiday making philosophy. Those who choose camper vans or very compact campers tend to go for camping sites or summer holidays, when life happens mostly outside the vehicle: this type of camper blends practicality with low purchasing costs, as well as lower total maintenance cost. However, many families continue to prefer large over-cab bed campers, offering greater comfort and space for any circumstance. In any event, on board safety must be a priority, to avoid any risk and travel in total serenity.

The second question one needs to ask is also a fundamental one:

The first thing you need to know is that it is best not to trust “any camper” that will suit “any holiday”. It is important to be aware of what is on the market, in terms of reliability, safety, performance, on board technology, comfort and after sale service, in order to choose a camper that matches your expectations. We advise you to evaluate your options not only in terms of size or usage needs, but also looking for the technical characteristics that can guarantee you a safe journey.

You should know that most campers are based on the Fiat Ducato van. This extremely versatile and reliable vehicle is now in its fifth generation. It evolved over time, putting together the best fitters in Europe to create increasingly nimble, manoeuvrable, versatile and technological campers. Here are the technical specifications that made it the industry leader and the camper of choice for many.

On board technology.
Innovation on the Ducato Camper is comparable to that found on the cars we drive every day. When sitting behind the driving wheel, you can see its simple yet complete dashboard, intuitively easy for all types of driver. Last generation infotainment systems, like the Uconnect Radio NAV, are great travel companions, for entertainment and navigation: it is all integrated into one system to reduce potential driver distraction, and the amount of wires or suction cups on the windscreen. Bluetooth and steering wheel controls are essential for using our phones without ever taking our hands off the steering wheel.

Camper safety should always be a priority. Driving comfort, excellent visibility, suitable engine and optimal load distribution are all prime risk-reducing factors. On the Fiat Ducato Camper, the quality of the braking system and the reliability of the McPherson suspensions are very important, and they come together with ESC with Roll Over Mitigation, Hill Holder and rear camera. The Traction + automatic traction control system will provide the best control of your camper even in slippery conditions.

In a camper, visibility and ergonomics are key for travelling in comfort: the Fiat Ducato driving seat is high, with a wide windscreen in front and on the side, providing an optimal viewing point over the road. Both steering wheel and driver seat are adjustable, providing harmonious ergonomics that enables to easily reach the gear shift lever and other instruments. Minimal noise is crucial for a pleasurable drive even during long journeys: quality materials and careful assembly of the cabin components are key. The Fiat Ducato Camper designers also paid utmost attention to the turning circle and gear: your camper must be easy to manoeuvre also on demanding roads, uphill or downhill.

Not all campers are the same, therefore they should not have the same engine. It is important to choose the engine that best fits the size and layout of your camper: the wide range of engines available for the Fiat Ducato makes it possible to find the best ratio of efficiency, consumption and performance. Pay attention to the engine’s environmental class: if you are considering buying a new camper, you need to know that all Fiat Ducato engines comply with the Euro5+ standards: travelling in a camper must be a responsible and sustainable way to enhance our leisure time. Second-generation diesel Multijet engines are extremely reliable when it comes to lifespan, they provide great performances and are available in 3 different cylinder capacities: 2.0 with 115 CV, 2.3 with 130 and 150 CV, up to 3.0 180 CV.
It is important to choose also on the basis of the torque of the motor, in order to have an agile camper that performs even at a low RPM. On consumption and maintenance intervals, Fiat Ducato engines are a sure bet: they guarantee up to 20% fuel savings compared to old generation engines, and they only need servicing every 48.000 km.

Whether the fittings are compact or grand, a solid and reliable base is crucial. Born from a close collaboration among Europe’s key camper manufacturers, Fiat Ducato is a perfect union of chassis and living cabin. It is also the widest and most complete range of camper bases, with 5 wheelbases, 6 different chassis lengths and various weights (up to 4.4 tons) 4 engines and over 600 versions.

We hope that this reading gave you more elements to guide your selection and find your ideal camper.

For more details, follow our link on Fiat Ducato Camper:
https://www.fiatcamper.com/en/product and discover what dedicated services are available to those who choose to travel with it: http://www.mopar.eu/camper/en/world-of-services
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