29 SEPT 2016

More technology, more comfort, more value.

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Fiat Ducato Camper gives you much more than just freedom. Discover in the new videos all the features that make Ducato the ideal base for your travels, knowing that you will be able to count on the best driving comfort, the most advanced technology and a world of services designed just for you.

Your freedom of movement is based on Fiat Ducato, the best base for your camper van. Explore all the features that make it the perfect companion for your travels. Discover its technology, comfort and value in the videos we made.

With over 35 years’ experience, Ducato Camper is ever more solid and reliable, the ideal solution for any fitting need.

It uses advanced technology to ensure safe driving, thanks to sophisticated vehicle control solutions such as ESC and Traction+ and monitoring systems like LDWS, TPMS, TSR. Its performance is best in class and its new Euro 6 engines provide significant fuel savings and emissions reduction, thus contributing to a cleaner environment. The level of comfort is also increasingly high, thanks to its top fittings, its ergonomics, its compact size outside with great space inside. Perfect integration between cab and living pod guarantees spacious, well-ventilated, functional and quiet interiors. All this provides for total driving pleasure and a great time for the crew on board.

Fiat Ducato Camper is also unrivalled for its all-round dedicated services for camper homers, for both planning and enjoying the journey. Its great value is about a range of customer support actions: a dedicated multi-language free-phone number, a recovery network with over 6,500 workshops, road assistance, and the best dedicated information on web, social media and its own App.

Whatever your ideal camper, Fiat Ducato Camper has the right solution for you.

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