24 May 2017



Organizing a trip is often wonderful and fun, but when you have little time or particular needs, it may be useful to get recommendations, practical information or support for planning your entire journey.  This is why today we offer the new Conciergerie Service: it is available 24/7 to advise you and be with you along the journey. Simply contact the Fiat Camper Assistance free phone service and you will have a personal assistant to:

• provide tourist information for your travels;
• help you plan your destinations;
• book parking spaces for you;
• book transportation for you and your camper van (eg: ferries);
• book restaurants or events for you.

Currently, the Conciergerie Service is available in France, Germany and the United Kingdom, but it will soon work throughout Europe.
The service is free for all owners of Ducato Camper vehicle, within 2 years from the date of registration.
You are always in good hands with Fiat Ducato Camper.

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