24 Oct 2016

Fiat Professional and the Caravanners’ Jubilee

Fiat Professional and the Caravanners’ Jubilee

On October 22, Rome played host to thousands of people enamoured of nature and sustainable tourism, for the “Caravanners’ Jubilee”. One of the protagonists of the event – alongside the magazine PleinAir – was the Fiat Professional brand. Absolute leader in the recreational vehicles sector.

The 22nd of October, in the majestic setting of St Peter’s Square in Rome, was a day dedicated to lovers of caravans or motorhomes and to the many thousands of people who believe that holidays and free time should combine freedom with sustainability. Over five thousand enthusiastic participants came from all over Italy.

Included among the official events of the Extraordinary Holy Year of Mercy, the “Open Air Jubilee” is promoted by the magazine PleinAir, Italy’s highest-selling monthly motorhome tourism magazine. Fiat Professional was an important presence at this prestigious event, supplying a Ducato 150Multijet2 motorhome base to build the vehicle donated to the Holy Father and his diocese. Fiat Professional is the established European leader in the manufacture of bases for motorhomes, since it carefully considers the values and expectations of recreational vehicle users: freedom of travel, exploring new places and meeting new people. The opportunity created by PleinAir magazine’s initiative has enabled Fiat Professional to contribute to the donation of journeys that are different but equally full of discovery and delight. The official act of donation took place on Friday 21 October, and the motorhome was then displayed in St Peter’s Square until the conclusion of the “Open Air Jubilee”.

Fiat Professional is the leading manufacturer of vehicles that are convertible for recreational use: in Europe, roughly three out of four motorhomes are created on a Ducato base, and in the last ten years, 500,000 families in Europe have chosen a Ducato-based motorhome. Of course, because Fiat Professional’s best-seller remains the ideal solution for true lovers of open air pleasures. The long list of bodywork options, the square and regular shape of the loading compartment, the efficient chassis and the car-like driving style have made the Ducato motorhome base the first choice for all the main European producers of motorhomes. Looking back over its history from a technical point of view also means retracing the evolution of motorhome holidaying.

Today, the new Euro 6 Multijet2 engines are “top in class” in terms of fuel efficiency and deliver high torque at low rpms, an essential feature for the motorhome driver. The 130, 150 and 180 Multijet2 engines are also available with the "Comfort Matic" robotised gearbox, for a relaxing driving style. In addition to the continuous developments to the Ducato, reconfirmed as the ideal base for the campervan segment, the brand also offers an array of integrated solutions and tailored services created with Mopar, to ensure carefree travels. That is why driving a Ducato-based motorhome means access to more technological and environmentally friendly engines, more comfort, a wide range of services and peace of mind.

With a motorhome built on Ducato , you can relish the freedom of trouble-free driving, the pleasures of direct contact with nature and the luxury of choosing when and where to enjoy a stopover: keys to the lifestyle offered by Fiat Professional’s recreational vehicles.

Turin, 24 October 2016

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