04 Feb 2016


Life on board


An unlikely but perfect pairing.

For outdoor aficionados who love to roam and explore in harmony with nature, the combination of camper van and bicycle is more than a multimodal travel solution: it's a match made in heaven and a stepping stone to a special way of life.
Many types of bike can be loaded into a camper van and used on cycle trails. An ideal way to improve wellbeing and raise activity levels on an outdoor holiday.

Freedom of movement, nature and sustainable tourism.
Here are four words that juxtapose seemingly incompatible recreational pursuits: bicycle and camper van.
But for all their differences, these two modes of transport complement each other perfectly and open up possibilities for unique holidays that meet the increasing demand for experiential and active holidays, as opposed to simply sun, sand and sightseeing.
Outdoor tourism is all about getting off the beaten track, immersing yourself in nature and discovering landscapes and cultural aspects that are less well known but all the more fascinating and authentic. Now you don't have to stop wherever the camper van parks up, you can simply jump on the saddle and keep exploring.

Intelligent and active, this tourism emphasises environmental sustainability, the rhythms of nature, enjoyment and mental and physical wellbeing.
Numerous types of bicycle are small and compact enough to fit onboard: models with high-strength carbon steel frame components are particularly suitable for transporting on a camper van and taking on long trails. They can be folded quickly and easily without the need to screw or unscrew any parts, making them extremely practical.
Such bicycles are also convenient to carry when folded, thanks to a towing handle and small wheels mounted on the rear rack.

A viable alternative for the less energetic rider is an electric bicycle. Some companies offer electrically assisted pedal cycles, which cater for a growing market that cares about the environment.
These bikes are required to be certified in accordance with to UNI EN 15194 and must pass all safety tests specified by European legislation.

Nowadays there is a wide choice of itineraries specifically devised for fans of camper vans and cycling, a combination that is becoming increasingly popular. In many European countries the number of protected and accessible cycle trails continues to grow, covering a wide range of terrain that exploits the specific advantages of two-wheeled transport.

You too will be taking an extra pair of wheels on tour with you in the spring: so safe journey aboard your Ducato Camper and happy pedalling!

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