15 Oct 2021

40 years of stories. 40 years of road trips. 40 years of adventures. Together.

40 years of stories. 40 years of road trips. 40 years of adventures. Together.

The “#40YearsOnTheRoad by Fiat Professional for Recreational Vehicles” contest is raring to go, as the perfect occasion to celebrate the Ducato’s 40th anniversary with images from its community!
For the last 40 years, the Ducato story has been shared by everyone who has chosen the brand for their adventures on the road. And what better way to pay them tribute than for them to star in this fantastic milestone that we have achieved together?

Taking part in the “#40yearsontheroad by Fiat Professional for Recreational Vehicles” contest couldn’t be easier: dust down your old photo albums and look for the best snap of your holidays on board a Ducato-based motorhome. Share your original shot from the 1980s, ’90s or 2000s on the dedicated website!
A special panel of judges will select the 20 best photos. As well as the chance to see their shot in an official Ducato video, the winners will also receive an Amazon voucher worth €100! The contest begins on 15 October and ends on 6 December; over those few weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to share your photos on our social media channels, to invite other motorhome owners to join the party. The Ducato family is a big one, and we’d love to celebrate it all together!
But which photo memories stand the best chance of winning? All of them, as long as they feature your beloved Ducato-based motorhome with you on your trips all over the world! Big fan of that photo you took on holiday in the ’80s? Or that adventure in the great outdoors you went on with your friends in 1994? The choice is yours, and yours alone! New models and old glories, all together to celebrate an adventure that has been going for 40 years, but is still only just beginning.

As well as its presence on social media, Fiat Professional also continues to put out newsletters: full of travel itineraries, DIY tips and trivia from the RV world, they help motorhome owners from all over the world to make the most of their adventures in a Ducato.
Fiat Professional aims to strengthen this bond, by inviting everyone on the road to interact with the brand on social media. Carry on sharing your images – hashtag them #FIATDUCATOCAMPER – and ideas for how to improve your experiences in a Ducato-based motorhome even further.

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