21 SEPT 2018



Discover our services online: Chassis Check and Service Network

At every moment during your trip, you can count on Fiat Professional for Recreational Vehicles. We provide widespread assistance throughout Europe, whether you are travelling on a real road or navigating on a virtual one. In all cases, our services are there to help you: simply click on our website www.fiatcamper.com

Have you already tried our Chassis Check service? really is very easy to use and enables you to find out in advance whether there are active and personalised campaigns for your vehicle: go to our home page, enter the chassis of your vehicle and instantly discover how we can help you.

Plus, thanks to the Service Network feature, in a single click you can quickly locate your nearest specialised workshop in the Fiat Professional service network, so you can obtain support or assistance in the shortest possible time.

Fiat Professional for Recreational Vehicles is always by your side with attentive and competent service, wherever you are.  
Trust us!

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