15 Nov 2018

All the guarantees you deserve

All the guarantees you deserve

All the guarantees you deserve 

When you buy a Fiat Professional for Recreational Vehicles Motorhome, you immediately obtain all the advantages of a service conceived to allow you to travel free from unexpected risks or costs. Discover the warranties and maintenance formulas most suitable for you, in collaboration with Mopar®

Fiat Professional for Recreational Vehicles, in collaboration with Mopar®, offers various interesting guarantee extension formulas for when the initial warranty contract expires, allowing you to bring further serenity to your travels. 

Since the contractual warranty is valid for 2 years from the date of first registration, but the life of a motorhome is much longer, you can choose between specific formulas that fit your needs! 

For you, Fiat Professional and Mopar® have designed 3 different guarantee formulas, valid for both Ducato-based and Talento campervan models. They are all highly convenient and available in Italy, Spain, France, England, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Sweden and Norway. 

These formulas become valid after the expiry of the contractual warranty and are designed to cover material or construction faults that may develop within specified periods, up to a maximum of 5 years.
With the Maximum Care formula, you can protect your Fiat Professional base camper for five years from any type of electrical and mechanical breakdown. You can also choose your offer, including coverage for different periods of time, to satisfy all your needs to the full and ensure total peace of mind for the duration of your coverage. 

The formulas can be purchased within 12 months from the date of first registration, from the Fiat Professional network. The only difference is in England, where the term is within 15 days of registration. 

We must remind you, of course, that the best guarantee of success for your motorhome holiday lies in prevention and checking, so that everything is in perfect condition before each departure. For example, every year, workshops affiliated with the Fiat Professional for Recreational Vehicles programme offer excellent seasonal check-up options: keep yourself updated on our website and book one.

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