25 May 2017



The design of Fiat Ducato Camper offers the perfect living space in every situation as well as unrivalled driving comfort.
Bright, quiet, perfectly air conditioned and organized in every space: it is the perfect interior for you to start any journey.

Fiat Ducato Camper knows how to welcome its crew, starting with comfortable seats. Enjoy the comfort of the seats designed for camper vans: the “Captain Chairs”, as they have been nicknamed, have integrated head rest, wide back rest, double arm rest to guarantee a wonderfully comfortable position. A driving position that is exactly as it should be in a car, ensuring optimal visibility.
Furthermore, the seats are mounted on a pivoting plate, so that when the driving phase is over and you want to enjoy a bit of social time, you simply rotate them 180o and slide them forward to join the dinette.  The gear stick is positioned on the dashboard, to facilitate movement and leave more room for you.
The steering wheel is height adjustable and has a comfortable inclination, making the Fiat Ducato Camper the most easy to handle vehicle in its class, in any kind of manoeuvre.
Finally, the steering wheel controls ensure that you operate the car radio and Bluetooth and USB connected devices without further distractions.
The air conditioning also guarantees perfect living conditions inside: diffused, powerful ventilation throughout the cab, manual or automatic air conditioning, extra heater offered as option.
Everything is designed to enhance the joy of travelling.
The dashboard includes many useful spaces of different sizes that can easily accommodate anything that you need to have at hand. For example, there is a spacious compartment that offers an alternative lodging space for your cellphone/tablet and a practical holder for two 75 cl bottles.
The upper compartment can hold a 1.5 l bottle, keeping it cool if the air conditioning is on.
Furthermore, chrome details add a touch of elegance to the air conditioning dials, the gear knob, the leather clad steering wheel and the radio and air conditioning control buttons. Every minute detail of the interior has been designed to enhance your wellness along the journey.
These are some of the reasons why a holiday with Fiat Ducato Camper is always first class.

And the longer you travel, the more you will feel at home.

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