17 Nov 2017




Over the years, Fiat Professional has developed a unique range of services for all those who travel in Ducato-based (and now also Talento-based) motorhomes. Solutions that relieve users of every worry and reflect a constant focus on customers' needs, in every moment of their holidays.

Benefiting from years of experience and with the objective of ensuring freedom of movement and relief from every worry, Fiat Professional stays close to its customers throughout their journey with a unique range of services dedicated to Ducato- and Talento-based motorhomes and their owners. Punctual and multifaceted solutions that help users to easily organise their holidays from start to finish, by providing information, sharing experiences and, if needed, offering fast and comprehensive assistance wherever it is required.

During the last 15 years, Fiat Professional has developed increasingly specialised services, more extensive networks, dedicated teams and an exclusive, round-the-clock Camper service for its customers. It responds to customers through a team of 20 Brand Ambassadors selected and trained to ensure in-depth knowledge of the sector, equipped with language skills to assist customers of all nationalities and the expertise to meet any necessity. The service also incorporates a website and social media channels. For motorhome maintenance, repairs or check-ups, a network of 6500 Fiat Professional outlets is available throughout Europe, all equipped for the maintenance and repair of Ducato-based camper vans. They include over 1800 Fiat Camper Assistance outlets with additional, specialised facilities.

The Roadside Assistance service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is included in the contractual warranty for the first two years after the vehicle is registered, to provide rapid assistance. The service has been specially designed so that owners of Fiat-based motorhomes can continue their holidays in any circumstances.

In addition, Fiat Professional combines its products with specific warranties and mobility programmes in conjunction with Mopar.

Through the Link & Chase initiative, which was launched in 2015, Fiat Professional also acts as a bridge between the customer and workshop. Besides contacting the local service centre to facilitate troubleshooting and expedite the delivery of spare parts on the one hand, it updates the customer on the type of issue identified, repair methods and turnaround times. This is an extremely useful service that also helps to overcome any language barrier between the customer and the garage’s technical staff.

So, customers can relax and enjoy a trouble-free trip, wherever they are.

Attention is paid not only to the vehicle itself, but also to every passenger, throughout the entire holiday experience. By being aware of the motorhome owner's needs, Fiat Professional can leverage all its experience and guarantee efficient service from every point of view.

Those who choose a motorhome on a Fiat Professional (Ducato and Talento) base choose an irreplaceable, ever-present and reliable travel companion who is ready for every eventuality.

A friend they can count on to get the best out of their trip.

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