07 Jul 2016



A sustainable, increasingly green choice.

Nature lovers travel by camper. A camper holiday can reduce polluting emissions by 50% compared to a traditional holiday. Its low fuel consumption - among the lowest in its class, thanks to the Euro 6 engines, the Start&Stop (on demand) device and many other advanced technologies - makes the Ducato Camper a real friend of the environment.

If you travel by camper, you choose a style of holidaying that is in close contact with the environment, but you also choose to protect it: a camper holiday can reduce polluting emissions up to 50% compared to a traditional holiday. An Italian research* has shown that when travelling for 15 days and a total 600 Km, CO2 was reduced by 52% compared to a car journey.
If we consider the “car+hotel“ duo, the camper alternative lowers this figure even further, up to 65%.

In particular, spending the night in a hotel generates 12 times more CO2 emissions than a night on the camper, which produces low electricity, gas and water consumption. This is why a camper holiday is a responsible and sustainable way to travel without giving up comfort and fun.

“Best-in-class“ for its consumption and emission performance, Fiat Ducato Camper only uses Euro 6 engines.

This kind of engine system reduces emissions without altering performance and driving pleasure. LPEGR (Low Pressure Exhaust Gas Recirculation) emission reducing technologies and GSI (Gear Shift Indicator), which optimizes driving by suggesting when to change gear, further help to reduce fuel consumption.

All gearboxes are also tested to ensure optimal performance and low emissions. Thus, technology and innovation are helping the environment.

Fact: it takes 50 Euro 6 motorhomes to total up the emissions of one Euro 1 model. Differences that make the difference!

* Source: “Mobile Housing Units”, a research by prof. Paolo Fiamma (University of Pisa) 2015.

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