27 SEPT 2018



Very often we head off in our motorhome without necessarily determining the purpose of the trip. Although going on an unplanned adventure can be exciting, this approach often turns out to be counter-productive or leaves a bitter taste, because the trip may not live up to our expectations of having fun and relaxing.

Whenever we plan an excursion, it’s preferable to have very clear ideas about what we expect and to be aware of the fact that we may encounter setbacks or disappointments: traffic and queues, crowds, tacky souvenir shops, intrusive sellers and other aspects that could offend our sensibilities, not least, the lack of public spiritedness of our neighbours.
Every trip should have a very precise objective and everything else should be put into perspective, as it cannot and must not affect the holiday. If we are worried that a particular aspect of the destination might be disagreeable enough to spoil the overall trip, it’s better to go somewhere else.

Travelling is an art and one that we need to master as soon as possible, especially if we love having control over our own holidays by travelling in our Ducato-based motorhome. There is always the potential danger of making mistakes and we don’t even have the consolation of putting the blame on someone else, unlike those who buy package holidays.

For example, many motorhome owners love visiting famous pilgrimage destinations, but may end up disappointed by aspects that are—all things considered—minor. Many who have been to Lourdes label the town as too commercialised. It is true that the whole area has been invaded by shops selling religious souvenirs. However, it should be noted that the selling of merchandise is strictly banned within the enclosure of the Cave of the Apparition and the atmosphere there is unique, for Catholics and non-Catholics alike. People don’t go to Lourdes to visit the town. Believers go there to gather in prayer, whereas non-believers go there to find out why the place attracts so many people: nothing else should detract from the real purpose of the trip. Those who feel annoyed by the selling of souvenirs may have misunderstood the meaning of pilgrimage.

Similar opinions abound when it comes to small and large cities of art. Especially during holiday periods and on certain special days, they become crowded with tourists and are sometimes not very accessible.
However, complaining about excessive tourism is wide of the mark because, if a location deserves its reputation, it is normal to expect that it will attract thousands of visitors and that this will generate spin-off businesses.
For example, Rome, Florence, Naples, Pisa and all the Italian cities of art attract thousands, if not millions, of tourists every year, but the local authorities don't ban the visitors, as doing so would be foolish in the extreme!

Enjoying a motorhome holiday to the full is the result of careful preparation combined with and a spirit of resilience: an attitude of tolerance and openness to the world makes for an easier and more cheerful trip.

Marcel Proust said that the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

How about you? Are you ready to climb on board yourFiat Ducato-based motorhome Ducato with a whole new outlook?

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