18 Feb 2022



Spontaneous or super-planner?
Every motorhome owner has their own way of planning and approaching trips. Some prefer to double-check every detail before setting off, some rely on tips from experienced motorhomers, while others love to improvise. Some seek out well-known destinations, while others prefer getting off the beaten track.
Let's find out some of the most common types of road trip based on the different personalities of motorhome owners!

First step, the traveller identikit

To start this rundown of holiday formats for different profiles of motorhome owner, first we need to draw up a traveller identikit! We are sure that there are infinite types of Ducato motorhome owner, with infinite experiences to share, but in this short guide, we want to highlight three of the main traveller types that we have encountered in the 40 years that Ducato-based motorhomes have been on the road:

- THE SPONTANEOUS TRAVELLER. These guys don’t like too much planning, instead preferring to make up journeys as they go along. Their mantra is: no worries, no hurries, just ride!

- THE SUPER-PLANNER. This type of traveller insists on plotting every detail before departing, carefully recording every route and other useful information, and keeping it close to hand at all times.

- THE OFFBEAT TRAVELLER. These adventure-seekers hunt down alternative destinations in their motorhome. Not satisfied with the same old itineraries, they are always on the lookout for unusual experiences.

Do you recognise yourself in any of these categories? If so, here are some road trip ideas that we think will suit your personality!

Wild travelling


If you are a spontaneous traveller, you’re also unlikely to be reading guides like this one… but since you are reading this, we’d like to think that you’ll keep going to the end!

Travelling without a plan can be a wonderful adventure but, let's face it, not every kind of road trip works best that way. If you love improvising in your Ducato-based motorhome, one road trip format that we recommend is a green trail.

This involves visiting destinations surrounded by nature, where the main attractions are beauty spots and the surrounding landscapes.

For those who enjoy travelling off the cuff, photographic excursions are also ideal! Photography takes a certain amount of time, in contrast to the fast pace of cultural tours or over-planned holidays. So… keep your camera within easy reach, because you never know when the perfect sunset or your favourite animal might pass into view!

Spontaneous travelling isn’t ideal for those who like to explore every inch of historic cities and the most popular tourist destinations. Such places require advance booking, as we will see in the next paragraph.

Planning: an innate passion


If you or any of your travel companions like planning, or organising everything in advance... you are already set for your next adventure with Ducato.
Super-planner motorhome owners are among the most prepared travellers on the road and never miss an opportunity to add to their travel checklists. Their ideal road trip?

We recommend a cultural holiday to well-travelled tourist centres! Experienced super-planners know how to book attractions, museums, guided tours and anything else that requires a few days’ or weeks’ advanced notice.

But that's not all… super-planners are also perfectly suited to sports holidays. This type of break requires researching the availability of dedicated facilities, rental equipment and even training sessions.

In general, super-planners can get through even the longest journeys without problems and, most importantly, without nasty surprises.

Never get bored on the road!


Now we come to the third category in our traveller identikit!

If you are turned off by the idea of green trails or conventional cultural tours, you probably belong to the discerning band of motorhome owners that we like to call offbeat travellers, who always seek out unusual experiences.
Typically members of dedicated communities built around the sharing of experiences, “alternative” motorhome owners are certainly not satisfied with visiting the capital of France or admiring fairy-tale landscapes through a window.

Among the experiences we recommend are themed gastronomic tours or holidays that, rather than taking travellers along on a linear geographical route, follow a path of gastronomic adventure. Want another idea for an alternative road trip? How about a holiday in search of the most famous TV and film locations?

Not the longest river in Europe, not the largest open-air museum… but all the sets where your favourite shows were shot. Rule number one: never get bored or choose the most commonly travelled routes. This ends our guide to alternative road trips with Ducato.

Which type of trip appeals to you? Share your own inspirations on our official social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram).

Bon voyage!​

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