30 Oct 2015


Life on board
Attention to physical well-being is the prerequisite of every truly carefree camper van holiday. Without overlooking the forethought and good behaviour that will ensure that each departure is enjoyable and safe. Lets explore the precautions to adopt before and during a camper van trip.

Well-being on board the camper van
Before each trip or after a long period of inactivity, lets check that our vehicle is in perfect condition. This means, for example, regularly cleaning and sanitising the surfaces and camper van coverings as well as all everyday items such as sheets, pillows, mattresses, kitchen utensils and appliances. A vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter is very useful for cleaning inside, especially when carpeted. Also the plumbing should be checked to ensure a clean water supply, free of bacteria, moulds or residues that can easily build up when not in use.

Well-being of passengers in the camper van
Depending on the season in which we travel, our kit should contain medicines and various remedies. In summer we should not underestimate the effects of insufficient hydration that frequently causes tiredness, movement difficulties or even syncope. It is good practice to drink water and keep sachets of mineral salts on hand to ward off heat stroke and illnesses such as traveller's diarrhoea.
In spring and autumn we can encounter problems related to zoonotic diseases, or infectious diseases transmitted by some animals. We can be stung by insects, ticks and sand flies, especially if we are in the open air, and the symptoms of these infections are not always instantly recognisable. It is better to be safe with topical and systemic repellents, or even with a simple mosquito net. And then, lets not forget to bring some basic remedies with us, as these can turn out to be useful at any latitude and in all kinds of circumstances, for example: disinfectants, gloves, plasters, cotton wool and key medicines. Naturally common sense will be our indispensable travel companion.

Now everything is ready for departure.
Have a good trip!
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