12 Jan 2022

Travel wishlist: welcome to Sweden!

Travel wishlist: welcome to Sweden!

Sweden is the land of Vikings and breathtaking landscapes, but these days it has also made a name for itself as the home of design, with museums and installations ready to leave even the most demanding tourists in awe! So let’s throw ourselves into a new adventure on board our Ducato-based motorhome, as we get ready to discover one of the most fascinating countries in northern Europe, from the far south to Stockholm, its capital.

Malmö, the sustainable medieval city


Our journey could only begin from the southernmost point of Sweden! The picturesque town of Malmö is directly linked to nearby Denmark by the Øresund Bridge, a 16 km-long futuristic architectural work that already guarantees a unique experience to those who cross it.

Malmö is a people-friendly city that has made sustainability and the wellness of its population its strengths, benefiting both tourists and, obviously, its residents.
We can therefore expect neat, well-kept streets that blend in perfectly with the beautiful medieval old town (Gamla Staden) and much more modern works, such as the characteristic Turning Torso, the skyscraper designed by architect Calatrava.

As well as strolling through the town, even just to admire the architecture, there will be many more activities to quench our thirst for discovery. A host of museums, such as the City Museum and the Maritime Museum, but also a multitude of parks offering many open-air events.

Gothenburg, a European take on Nordic charm


Following the coastline for about 3 hours in our Ducato-based motorhome, we arrive in the country's second largest city, Gothenburg. Thanks to its strategic location, it offers all its inhabitants and visitors breathtaking views of the fjords and the North Sea.
Fancy a holiday on the trail of culture and architecture? Then head down to Götaplatsen Square to admire the city’s theatre, concert hall, and library... this destination will not disappoint any motorhome owner!

Travelling with your little ones? Here in Gothenburg you’ll also find Liseberg, the largest entertainment park in northern Europe featuring water effects and enchanted castles that will bring a touch of magic to all the family!

Linköping, a stopover for your fill of relaxation


We set off again on board our Ducato-based motorhome towards Stockholm, but since our journey will take at least 5 hours, stopping off along the way can be an excellent way to discover somewhere new, and relax a little.
Linköping is a small town with just over 150,000 inhabitants but it offers several special, unique attractions. The Flygvapenmuseum, for example, dedicated to military vehicles, hosts temporary exhibitions relating to specific historical periods, and is always ready to present us with unique and interesting facts and objects. The town's cathedral is also surprisingly beautiful, with its exquisite architecture and exquisite windows.
And what about the many parks, natural trails and castles that await us in the surrounding areas? The perfect place to stop for a rest after about 3 hours on the road on board our Ducato-based motorhome.

Stockholm, not just a capital


Stockholm needs no introduction, and we are sure that it will remain forever in the heart of any visiting motorhome owner. Built in 1252, you can still learn all about its earliest origins by strolling through Gamla Stan, a picturesque covered area with restaurants, monuments, shops and unique sights, and one of the best preserved medieval city centres in Europe. In this area, you will also find the Royal Palace, and the city’s typical yellow houses, as well as its host of short but charming streets, waiting to be discovered.

Another district not to be missed is Skansen, where you will find the world's oldest open-air museum and the zoo. Here too you’ll feel as if you’re in a magical land, thanks to the small glass-blowing and pottery workshops that dot the streets.

Stockholm has many attractions, from the Moderna Museet art museum, to the Vasa Museum, where the world’s best preserved seventeenth century ship is on display, to historic parks and palaces, such as Drottningholm Palace. To describe all there is to see and do in this short guide would be impossible, but we’re sure that every motorhome owner’s spirit of adventure will help us discover even its most hidden aspects once we get there!

Can’t wait to get going and discover Sweden on board Ducato? Get ready to experience some new, fantastic adventures, dear motorhome owners!​​

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