11 Jan 2022

Working from a motorhome

Working from a motorhome

Is it possible to combine and balance work and holidays? Of course it is! And here, Ducato Motorhome gives us a hand. Until a short while ago, the term “working from home” was used by very few. Now, it’s become a key part of our everyday vocabulary. One of the few advantages left by the pandemic is definitely the possibility to work away from our usual office space. And this is where the motorhome can undoubtedly offer us a helping hand, as it not only caters for the need to work from home but also for the wanderlust of the workers who use it. Ducato is the perfect base for a motorhome, so it can become the ideal travelling companion and workmate for those who decide to think out of the box and live out their working life outside the four walls of the office, away from their usual workplace, neighbourhood or city.

An office with a sea view
Fancy working at the seaside with a view of the beach? With a motorhome you can! Doing your daily tasks in the mountains, against a stunning backdrop of snowy peaks? Why not? Just hop on board, take up your place in the modern cab of the Ducato Motorhome and start up the engine. The rest is easy. You can decide along the way where to park your vehicle so that working from home will become a pleasant experience. Need to send an important email? You can do it from the comfort of your chair in the living area of our motorhome. A business call? You can talk to our contact while admiring the scenery that appears outside the window of your motorhome.
And if you need a coffee break? Forget the nasty coffee vending machine you had to use in the office: in fact you can park your motorhome and go into the nearest coffee shop, or even stay on board and make yourself a lovely brew in your kitchen. The same kitchen you can try out your cooking skills in when your working day is over. Yes, you heard right...the motorhome is much more than just a mobile office. It can be a workplace with a difference! It’s literally a travelling living space, a small space that contains everything we need: a table for dining on, a kitchen for preparing food, a bed for sleeping in... And not to mention a bathroom with all mod cons. In the warm weather we can open the windows to work in contact with nature, while in winter the warmth of the heater will ensure we won’t miss the office.

Working in freedom
Our Ducato base motorhome can become our home-office for just a few days or for a longer period. This is up to the owner, who can decide how long to use it for based on their own working requirements, those of their family, and the intensity of their desire to stay away from home. A “change of scenery” certainly cheers us up and will indirectly make our working approach more dynamic. The motorhome therefore becomes a special way to break with the same old routine, allowing the owner to make the most of all the possibilities offered by working from home. All this can truly improve the quality of our life. So let’s get on board our Ducato-based motorhome and consider which splendid location we want to call our workplace next!​

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